Fast Foundations The Podcast Episode #52

The Four E’s of Manifesting to Take Action on Your Desires with Jessica Jovanovich

Show Notes

On this episode of Fast Foundations, we dive into the fascinating world of manifesting with our special guest Jess Jovanovich. Jess shares a mind-blowing perspective about manifesting and discusses how she learned about it through social media and other sources.

She breaks down the four E’s of manifesting, which help simplify the process and make it actionable. Embodying, in particular, resonates with Jess as it reminds us to shift our mindset back to the feeling and body of what we want, especially when imposter syndrome tries to take hold.

We appreciate the reminder to bring manifestation back to the heart space and the efficiency and quickness of our audience. The importance of practice in introducing oneself and being put on the spot is discussed, along with the need for a safe community to practice and celebrate new endeavors.

The episode also introduces Fast Foundation’s new community-based office hours featuring weekly educational topics and guided workshops. Listeners can sign up to join LIVE for next week’s episode on

In this Episode, we talk about

  • The power of manifesting and learning about it through social media and others
  • The four E’s of manifesting and how they simplify the process
  • The importance of embodying and shifting mindset back to desired feelings and body sensations
  • Dealing with imposter syndrome and the importance of embodying and feeling
  • Appreciating the reminder to bring manifesting back to the heart space

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