Do you have an amazing product that just isn’t selling? Are you unsure of how to scale your side hustle into a thriving business? Are you isolated from a network or just don't know where to start?

If so, you’re not alone: Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. It takes determination, investment, and even failure to succeed. But if you’re reading this, you’re not the type of person who gives up so easily. You’re ready to take that next step and invest in yourself.

And no, we’re not talking about quick fixes. A flashy new logo won’t make your business successful. In the Fast Foundations Mastermind, we’ll dive into the core pillars of what will make your business succeed, including…

  • Understanding your target customer and what they actually want
  • Building a strong sales funnel that’s evergreen and works efficiently
  • Networking with other entrepreneurs and learning from your mistakes
  • And much more! 

It’s easy to feel so overwhelmed in entrepreneurship that you end up doing nothing

If You Ignore Your Business’s Downfalls, They Don’t Go Away…They Just Get Worse

Your “cute” side hustle turns into an occasional hobby, and before long, you’ve abandoned it completely because it just isn’t practical anymore.

This isn’t you, and it’s not what you deserve when it comes to your business.

You Need a Long-Term Community

Not a Temporary Fix

Why do we believe in the Fast Foundations Mastermind?

Because we were in your shoes.

For years, we poured time and resources into growing our businesses, while battling failure over and over again. It all changed when we found a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and industry leaders to mentor us.

Now YOU can tap into our knowledge and network of experts, joining us in live events, group calls, and coaching sessions while having access to curated selection of our best business resources and trainings. And the best part is, you won’t do it alone. You’ll be surrounded by a selective group of up to 50 other entrepreneurs who are committed to the process and eager to learn.

Are you ready to…

  • See REAL results in as little as 30 days?
  • Experience true accountability and mentorship?
  • Be challenged, encouraged, and mentored on a daily basis?

Originally created by multi 7-figure Entrepreneur Chris Harder, and now run by a stellar team of multi-passionate 7-figure Entrepreneurs Jim Carter, R.T. Custer and the Carter & Custer Agency, the Fast Foundations Mastermind is the perfect solution to scale your business and jumpstart your entrepreneurial growth.

Your Leaders for The Mastermind

R.T. Custer
Jim Carter

In February 2022, multi-passionate entrepreneurs R.T. Custer and Jim Carter took over the Fast Foundations Mastermind with one dream, to make this the single best community for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and make their impact. 

Between them both, they’ve created three multiple 7-figure+ businesses in the fin-tech, luxury, marketing, and charitable spaces and they are committed to teaching you what works.

They have both invested hundreds of thousands in their own coaching and support, and want to share what works AND what to avoid though this immersive, six-month program to give you the advantage. 

Our Mastermind Worked for These Entrepreneurs,
and It Will Work for You

The overall experience was amazing but it was how intentional every single session, speaker, break our session, conversation, gift was. Everything felt so thought out and done with the intention of to support us.

Marina Middleton

Marina Middleton
Incredible experience. Enjoyed the FFM team, the speakers, all of the Entrepreneurs, the sessions were epic and incredibly valuable

Cory Micek

To put it bluntly, FFM changed my life. When you step outside your comfort zone and put yourself into rooms with like minded entrepreneurs, magic happens. To date, I have 10x my business revenue, went from being a solopreneur to building a team of five, built deep & meaningful relationships as a result of the community and have found the clarity in how I can best serve this World. My advice? Get in the rooms.

Jackie Serviss

The Mastermind members, and the guest speakers not only held me accountable, but they stretched me in ways I never could have imagined … which of course resulted in scaling my business beyond 7-figures. The network, collaborations, big thinking, support, and love in that room is something I’ve taken with me over the last few years.

Jess DeRose

Fast Foundations has offered more value than I could have ever expected.
This incredible community of like minded entrepreneurs has brought me new friends and business connections as well as life changing lessons on managing finances, growing my business, gaining new clients, social media strategy, and so much more.
In such a short period of time I’ve been able to gain so much clarity around addressing my weaknesses and utilizing my strengths not only in my business, but also in my personal life.
The endless knowledge, wisdom, and resources that I’ve received from this Mastermind will help me in entrepreneurship for years to come.

Kiki Shiple

They were able to dissect your biggest obstacle and help you create a plan to navigate through it

Daniel Orbach

Fast Foundations Mastermind was truly the backbone of my success in business. It was through this mastermind I met not only some of my best friends and soul family but people who I have since built and scaled my multiple six-figure businesses with. This mastermind is a no-brainer.

Regina Lawrence

Regina Lawrence

This Mastermind is Fantastic. Every detail was there. The set up, the goodies we all got at our spots (amazing books!), so many amazing speakers with support and info ranging so many topics, the People that were brought together in this room to all come together, support and push each other. It’s amazing!

Julie Menden

Julie Menden

Life changing moments don’t come along often that I’m willing to share

Jim Lee


Who Is Fast Foundations Meant For?

Not sure if Fast Foundations is the right community for you?
Here’s who we’ve served in the past:

  • Health coaches

  • Life coaches

  • Business coaches

  • Personal trainers

  • Beauty industry experts

  • Nutritionists
  • Podcasters

  • Authors

  • Influencers

  • Social media strategists

  • Network marketers
  • Online product marketers

  • CPG product entrepreneurs

  • Traditional brick and mortar business owners

  • Practitioners & chiropractors
  • Public speakers

  • Graphic designers & web developers

  • Event hosts

  • Startups

  • Realtors & lenders

And PEOPLE LIKE YOU trying to scale to and above 7-figures!

Here’s What More of Our Mastermind Alumni Have to Say…

Jess Burgio
FFM Alumni & Beauty Industry Coach & Mentor
Collette Brown
Personal Wellness Advocate
Joey Speers
FFM Alumni & Brand Builder and Founder of Creative Rise

What’s Included in Your Fast Foundations Membership?

At Fast Foundations, we’re not talking at you — we’re talking with you.

In other words, we work with you to reimagine and restructure your business in order to increase your income, sell more of your products or services, and craft your brand story in a matter of months. No mind-numbing lectures or cookie-cutter content allowed.

So come WITH us, join the Mastermind, and you’ll receive:

  • SIX MONTHS OF MEMBERSHIP – Commit to six months of coaching, guidance, support, and you will drastically transform your business.

  • TWO MULTI-DAY, IN-PERSON EVENT WORKSHOPS – Yes, we’re serious, you get TWO IN-PERSON events to meet your fellow Mastermind partners in person and learn from speakers and trainers LIVE, ultimately setting you up for even more success! Events will be held the first week of October and February (Fall Class) and the first week of April and August (Spring Class). This October 4-6, we’ll be in beautiful Laguna Beach, California, and we’re thinking LAS VEGAS for February!

  • ZOOM ONLINE LIVE GROUP TRAINING CALLS – We’ll host LIVE Zoom online meetings with new speakers and Q&A time in order to connect with your community and learn from amazing trainers who are the best in their fields. This is YOUR time to ask questions and get answers from us and your community. During the months when we do not have an in-person event, we’ll have 2 of these calls, typically one with an expert guest speaker, and one focused on small group breakout sessions to actively dive deep into your business and move the needle! Typically on the months with in-person events, we’ll still do at least one Zoom call, ideally to unpack the event learnings together and hold each other accountable to our goals!

  • 1:1 COACHING & MENTORSHIP – We hand pick the best coaches in our extended network to work one-on-one with you over the course of this Mastermind. You will have 30 minute sessions with your coach EVERY MONTH to go deep on the biggest issues you have so they can support you at the highest level and keep you accountable to the growth you deserve.

  • *BONUS* 6 MONTHS OF ACCESS TO CURATED CONTENT AND BUSINESS RESOURCES – Through access to our Mighty Networks community, you can learn even more from the comfort of your home! We had some of the best trainers in the business record lessons in their zone of genius in order for you to learn even more outside of the Mastermind itself.

Lessons Covered Include…

  • How to Monetize Your Ideas
  • How to Build Your Email List
  • How to Increase Your Social Media Following
  • How to Properly Scale Up Your Business
  • Leverage Storytelling in Your Marketing & Brand
  • How to Leverage Digital Marketing
  • How to Level Up Your Website for Google
  • How to Repurpose Your Content Effectively 
  • How to Find and Curate New Leads
  • How to Perfect Your Sales Skills
  • How to Create Proper Sales Funnels
  • How to Structure Your Business and Evaluate Cashflow
  • How to Set Achievable Goals While Dreaming Big
  • How to Delegate Tasks to Elevate Your Role
  • How to Improve Your Money Mindset

We will … in other words …

Completely REIMAGINE AND STRUCTURE YOUR ENTIRE BUSINESS in order to sell your products and services while INCREASING YOUR INCOME in just a handful of months.

Enrollment for Fast Foundations has now closed.

Text “FAST” to 1(310) 496-3389 to stay up to date on our next round

We Have Already Started, But..

We still have seats available. It’s not too late to join since all our calls and content are recorded. This link won’t last long and we won’t have an offer like this again until March 2023

Our Lowest Price Ever

$ 2,999
To Save Your Seat

And 5 payments of only $899

  • 6 Full Months of Access
  • Highly Curated Members Community
  • Two (2) x 2-Day LIVE IN-PERSON Events
  • Dedicated Mentorship for 1:1 Support
  • Monthly Group Calls + Group Work

It's Decision Time...

You have a choice to make. Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all); you know where that will lead. Low sales. Low income. No time. No business. Is that really where you want to go?

OR: Take a new action, and get a new result. Join the Fast Foundations Mastermind Program now. Finally build that business – the one that could make you wealthy and set you up to live a life you never thought possible. Or even better … a life you’ve always dreamed of. Just imagine what could happen in as little as six months.

Which of those options do you really want for yourself and your business? Here’s what to do now … Click the JOIN NOW button below to grab your seat to this exclusive group! That’s it!

Our Lowest Price Ever

$ 2,999
To Save Your Seat

And 5 payments of only $899

  • 6 Full Months of Access
  • Highly Curated Members Community
  • Two (2) x 2-Day LIVE IN-PERSON Events
  • Dedicated Mentorship for 1:1 Support
  • Monthly Group Calls + Group Work


A: Yes … kinda. We recommend that your business is making roughly between $25k–$499k in revenue; however, we are open to businesses just getting started, and oftentimes they see the biggest results! These parameters are put in place as a guideline to ensure everyone is in similar spots in their businesses.

A: We carefully built this to be six months because we wanted this to be long enough to create real growth, but also compact enough so that you can commit to it and sprint into 2023! People who are in the early stages of entrepreneurship need a fast and immersive program, but not one that takes up too much of their time either.

A: Yes, our financing option is the option listed above on this page. As a generous give back, we are charging NO FEES on financing so you can save as much as possible in the beginning to invest in your business.

A: Yes, Pay In Full ONLY. In order to pay via PayPal, send the full payment amount ($7,500) to [email protected] – To Pay via Venmo, send the full payment amount to @carterandcuster. IMPORTANT: After sending, email [email protected] letting us know so we can collect necessary information and send you your welcome email!

The magic of a Mastermind is truly connecting with other driven, talented entrepreneurs. This is also a way for you to find your like-minded tribe that you cannot find in your area. You simply can’t accomplish this on a deep or meaningful level “online only.” Anyone who sells you an online-only mastermind is simply selling you a hyped up e-course. This is also a great time for us to get to know you and your business better and for you to learn in person from some of our celebrity entrepreneur friends.

A: We’ll host Zoom training calls along with a welcome call to provide space to learning, collaboration, and check-ins. The Zoom dates are yet to be announced as we are lining up amazing speakers.

  • The kick off call will be held in early September, but you can still join anytime before our first in-person event (the first week of October).
  • Additional dates and times are TBD; however, they are typically on Wednesdays.
*Please note, we will do our absolute best to stick to this schedule, however, these are subject to change if an unforeseen incident arises. All video calls and trainings WILL BE RECORDED, and you will have access to them in the Fast Foundation Online Community while you’re an active mastermind member.

A: Access to the Online Community starts on Thursdsay, September 1st, 2022 followed by a kickoff call later that week. Access to the mastermind community will end Thursday, February 28th, 2023, giving you access for 6 full months!

*These dates are subject to change. The next round will be March 1st, 2023 through the end of August, 2023.

All you have to do is get yourself to the two in-person meetings and find a place to stay (we always negotiate a killer deal for you at the hotel/venue where we hold the event, but some people room together or split a nearby AirBnB.) You will have the chance to plan two dinners with some of the amazing community members. Two dinner are on your own so that you can go bond with your new entrepreneurial friends. All other snacks, lunches, and one epic dinner per event are our treat to you!

A: Always check with your own tax adviser, but in most cases, YES! The investment in business coaching and related travel expenses are likely tax-deductible for you. Yay!

A: YES! If you implement everything we teach, and if you utilize your new tribe of entrepreneurial friends, then THERE IS NO WAY THIS DOESN’T WORK FOR YOU!

This is not an offer for 1:1 mentorship with Jim and R.T., but you’ll get 1:1 mentorship from one of our expert coaches! Plus, you’ll learn from industry leaders, experts, and other entrepreneurs throughout the program. We can’t wait to work with you this year! 

If you are looking for 1:1 coaching or business consulting Jim and R.T. are expert connectors and can find something right for you. Email us at [email protected]

*Marketing consulting with our agency start at $15,000 USD a month*

YES! While Chris Harder has sold FFM to us, he still will be an active mentor and speaker at the in-person events. 

Entrepreneurs grow best when they’re in a safe space for mentorship, collaboration, and learning. We bring in experts to teach you new game-changing ideas, while also creating the right exercises for you to do as a group in order to work on each other’s businesses. We’ll also pair you with a mentor who will check in with you monthly to provide business advice and accountability toward your goals. Plus, you’ll expand your network and meet other entrepreneurs to grow your business. 

Still Have More Questions?? No Problem!