Fast Foundations The Podcast Episode #61

Mastering Money Matters: Strategies for Financial Success with Staci Millard

Show Notes

Welcome back to another exciting episode of Fast Foundations! In today’s episode, we are excited to host Staci Millard, a multi-passionate entrepreneur who works as a fractional CFO and business mentor. Staci believes in three non-negotiables for every successful business: making money, creating a heart-led impact on those we serve, and having a great life because of our businesses, not in spite of them.

Staci offers invaluable insights and advice on a topic that is near and dear to every entrepreneur’s heart: money. She emphasizes the importance of seeking advice not just from fellow business owners, but also from professionals who can provide guidance tailored to your specific stage of business and industry intricacies. Staci highlights the significance of participating in a supportive community like Fast Foundations, where members offer valuable advice and recommend resources.

From cash flow planning to the impact of hiring new employees, our guest provides invaluable insights on how to navigate the financial landscape of business. She stresses the need to view numbers as tangible and measurable indicators and unleash the power of financial planning to propel your business forward.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, this episode is jam-packed with practical tips and strategies to help you build a solid financial foundation for your business.

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In this Episode, we talk about

  • The importance of seeking advice
  • Understanding money and cash flow planning
  • Time is your greatest resource
  • Creating a profitable business while serving clients and yourself
  • Numbers as tangible indicators
  • Considerations when hiring employees

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Key Moments

[00:02:33] One year later: grateful for community.

[00:04:06] Remove “I’m not good with numbers” narrative, embrace learning.

[00:08:29] Reverse engineer numbers for financial progress.

[00:12:19] Monthly expenses and direct costs impact profits.

[00:15:02] Seek advice from community and professionals for business intricacies.

[00:19:04] Cash flow planning is crucial for success.

[00:20:59] Cash flow planning critical for business success.

[00:26:36] Shift mindset: not able to not yet, value matters.

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