Fast Foundations The Podcast Episode #58

Rise Above the Noise: How to Stand Out on Social Media with Matthew Allyn

Show Notes

In this episode, we’re joined by Matthew Allyn, a messaging and content creation coach who helps entrepreneurs become the “only and obvious solution” to their ideal client’s problems. Matt reveals how to grow your audience, your business, and — best of all — yourself by discovering and focusing on your zone of genius.

Matt’s discussion is packed with valuable insights, including his own personal journey of discovering his area of expertise and how he leverages that knowledge to expand his reach and help his clients do the same. We learn the importance of patience and perseverance in building a business and why it’s vital to not play small. Finally, Matt leaves us with an inspiring message and advice on how to position ourselves as the go-to solution for the problem(s) our businesses were created to solve.

Tune in as we dive deep into the world of entrepreneurship, growth, and community.

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In this Episode, we talk about

  • Building a successful business and overcoming overwhelm by focusing on your zone of genius
  • Understanding your client’s goals, pains, and struggles
  • The importance of perseverance when pursuing your passion
  • How to become the go-to solution for your ideal client’s problems

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Key Moments

[00:03:15] Showing up “small” by niching down too much

[00:10:58] “Become the go-to solution for ideal clients.”

[00:18:39] Break through the plateau by finding your passion

[00:20:10] Clarify your offer to prevent becoming overwhelmed

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