Fast Foundations The Podcast Episode #60

Creating an Impact Through Podcasting with Jessica Burgio

Show Notes

We are so excited to be joined by one of our longest-standing friends from Fast Foundations, Jessica Burgio. Jess transitioned from a 22-year beauty career to becoming a podcasting powerhouse, and during this episode, she shares her insights on pivoting in the entrepreneurial space and finding your voice to make YOUR most authentic impact.

As she discusses the transitions that often occur in our entrepreneurial journeys, Jess reminds us that it’s all about capitalizing on those challenges and turning them into incredible business opportunities. She knows firsthand the importance of taking action — even in the face of fear — and of staying consistent and not giving up. As a self-proclaimed hype girl, Jess offers a much-needed boost of confidence and energy to find your purpose and share it with the world.

Through recounting her own journey of discovering her passion for podcasting, Jess shows us that it is possible to make an impact with the skillset that you have right now and create meaningful connections if you simply show up as you. This episode will leave you with the inspiration and motivation needed to tackle all areas of business and life with confidence.

This episode was created from content from Fast Foundations’ new community-based Office Hours featuring weekly educational topics and guided workshops. Listeners can sign up to join LIVE for next week’s episode at

In this Episode, we talk about

  • Capitalizing on challenges and turning them into opportunities
  • Finding your voice and the confidence to use it
  • Establishing valuable connections
  • “The power of putting a microphone on it”
  • The importance of starting, even without knowing how, and not giving up

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Key Moments

[00:02:52]  Fast Foundations: strength in community and connections

[00:05:43] Jessica’s journey to push beyond fear and self-doubt

[00:09:18] Running out of excuses to take action

[00:11:44] Turning challenges into opportunities

[00:15:59] Discovering your strengths and what you offer

[00:17:41] Creating an impact through podcasting

[00:19:36] Podcast-facilitated connection and networking

[00:22:45] The benefits of podcasting

[00:23:44] Tips to start podcasting


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