Fast Foundations The Podcast Episode #56

The Importance of Being Seen: Maximizing Your Business’s Exposure with Laura Sinclair

Show Notes

In this episode, we are joined by Fast Foundations alumna Laura Sinclair. With over a decade of experience building digital marketing strategies for some of the world’s biggest brands, Laura now helps entrepreneurs get themselves and their businesses in front of new audiences.

During our chat, Laura shares her wisdom on expanding your business’s reach within a startup budget. She reminds us of the “why” behind marketing efforts, the importance of being seen, and how to do so in order for your impact to be realized. Laura emphasizes the importance of being present on platforms where your prospective clients are active. LinkedIn, she says, is crucial for connecting with business leaders, while Facebook ads can be effective in specific geographic areas with a high number of prospects. Furthermore, we dive deep into the relevance of Pinterest, discussing its potential as a search engine rather than simply a social media platform. 

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In this Episode, we talk about

  • The importance of being seen and having your impact realized
  • How to find new business leads without a lot of money
  • Which platforms you should be using to expand your presence
  • Consistency, authenticity, and awareness in marketing

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Key Moments

[00:02:43] Who is Laura Sinclair?

[00:03:51] The marketing equation and why it isn’t working

[00:05:17] How to find new business leads on a small business budget

[00:07:53] Social media and algorithms

[00:10:55] Affiliate and referral programs

[00:13:51] Influencer programs

[00:15:52] Networking groups

[00:16:47] Podcasting

[00:17:44] Media outreach

[00:19:25] Questions & rapid fire takeaways

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