Fast Foundations The Podcast Episode #30

Level Up Personally and Professionally with Christina Lecuyer

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We know you’re an ambitious person if you’re listening to this podcast!

We’re definitely a crew of people who don’t want to settle for average. I’m excited to share this conversation I had with speaker, confidence coach, and fellow podcaster Christina Lecuyer!

Christina is someone I’ve admired for how she shows up consistently whether it’s in her business, fitness, or anything else she commits to! We talk about the power of intentionally learning from the success others have created as you’re on your own journey, and why you NEED to have friends in your life that are also working towards their goals so you can all level up together!

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In this Episode, we talk about

  • What Christina has done to follow the success others have created in all areas of their lives!
  • The power of showing up consistently AND making sure you have friends who are doing the same!
  • That there are no bad investments when you are investing in yourself!

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Key Moments

04:00 How showing up as your authentic self helps you in life and business.

07:40 What do the early steps look like as you’re starting your business?

11:40 EVERYONE feels like they don’t know what they’re doing, just do it anyway!

15:00 How do you know a specific mastermind is the right one for you?

17:40 Will you be in the room at our next event?

19:00 What was your main goal for doing your first event?

25:15 There are NO BAD investments when you’re investing in yourself.

29:00 Change the stories you have about money.

32:00 Is shiny object syndrome stunting the growth of your business?

37:15 One of the best things you can do to go to the next level personally and professionally.

42:40 Where can we connect with you?

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I believe confidence is a muscle, right? I just started taking action. I just started moving forward. I just started, you know, telling myself that like all of the shit that I’ve been telling myself for so many years wasn’t true. And like, I got to replace that with thoughts that were serving me. I got to find evidence that I did know how to run a business. My God, I was getting paid $10,000 a day and I was telling myself I couldn’t start my own business. Well, damn Christina, that’s, I had my own business, right? Like, but when you’re in it in the beginning stages, you’re, you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing, you feel like everyone else does. You feel like there should be this moment where you just feel ready and prepared. You guys, I take so much action still to this day, I never feel ready. I never feel prepared, but I figure it out along the way.

What is keeping you from growing your business to the next level? I’m Jess Burgio, one of the hosts here for Fast Foundations, the podcast Between the three of us, my co-host Jim, RT and I have grown several businesses Scaling Beyond Seven Figures. And you know what? Not the single one of those businesses came with a blueprint for years. We poured time and resources into our businesses from salons, tech companies, and product-based businesses navigating success and failures on our own. For all of us, though, it began to change in 2019 when we found a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and industry leaders to mentor us. That community was fast. Foundations just like the Mastermind. We’re bringing on experts and having discussions to give you tips to not only improve the foundational skill sets you need, but to also fast track your growth. We’ll dive into the core pillars of what will make your business succeed. Whether you have a brand new idea that you’re looking to turn into a business, or you’re already a successful entrepreneur looking to scale, this community is here to take you to the next level. Let’s dive in.

Welcome back to Fast Foundations, the podcast. It’s your girl Jess Burgio with another episode with a past alumni. Today I’m honored to have Christina Lecuyer on the show with me because we just rap for about 10 minutes, about the past, where we’ve been in the mastermind, all the cool things that she’s up to and doing. But I wanna tell you a little backstory before we start. Can I share that with Christina real quick? I gotta tell them because this is something that I feel like a lot of people who join the program go through. Okay, so I’m gonna paint you guys a quick picture. Normally we start out with the bio. We do all the fancy fun stuff, not on this podcast. You know, Jess is just kind of unreliable when it comes to that. So imagine sitting in a room, right, where you’re feeling like, wow, I really just invested at a high level of myself and feeling like maybe you don’t belong in this said room.

And all these people start walking in and you’re starting to get a little nervous because you’re like, wow, I didn’t realize there were so many people on this group. And then all of a sudden, this tall, gorgeous blonde woman walks in with this duster on and I’m like, who is that? And she just walks in with all of this confidence and I was like, she, she must be one of the speakers. And then I see her down and she’s at one of the tables and I’m like, I have to know this girl. I’m like, she, she just has this air of confidence that I, you just looked, look at people sometimes and you think, how, how do you just have that I need to know and I need to learn that. So that, that was my first impression of meeting Christina, which was amazing. And then I have so many more stories, but Christina, welcome to the show. I can ramble about you for hours.

<Laugh>. Oh my God, that’s so sweet. I, now, I’m trying to think back and look, what the fuck is I wearing the first time? <Laugh>.

Some people make an impression and that’s one of those things that I talk a lot about building your brand. You are confident, you are sexy, but you are well put together. And you just have this high level of like, there’s this under level of respect. Like, I just see you and there’s the confidence to me almost demands that respect level that’s in a good way, in such a good positive way where you see strong females walk in, but you’re like, it’s, it’s such a beautiful thing and you represent that in everything that you do when you show up on social, the things you speak to that you coach about. So tell the peeps a little bit about you. I mean, cuz your, your story goes way, way back, but what you’re doing now is so different than what you used to do.

Yeah. Well, thank you so much. I really appreciate it. And it’s such a, it’s such a gift to know that like, okay baby, I am doing it. Right. And just kind of a side note for everyone else, like the secret is that I’m just so authentically myself. Like, it’s so interesting because the way you’re talking about me, it’s like that’s the way I show up on social media and you’ve met me in person. We’ve hung out many times. Like I am who I am. So that’s the secret, is just be so authentically yourself. It’s really hard to fake it. And you and I both know that so many people do <laugh> sadly. But yeah, just be your most authentic self and just be who you are. And it just, it’s just given me such a world of a difference in my life being my most authentic self.

But yeah, who am I? Gosh, I am, you know, I call myself a confidence and success coach. I really truly help people decide it’s their turn in life to have the life and the business that they desire. And I know that, like everyone says that, but I truly believe it’s possible because I’ve done it for myself. You know, who was I? At the age of, you know, 18 to 27, I’m not even a shadow of the human I am today. At 40 years old I was a former professional golfer. I did television modeling. You know, I played golf with celebrities and billionaires and all the fun things. And I was miserable during that time because I was trying to be someone who I wasn’t, I wasn’t happy on the inside. I was definitely not confident on the inside. I may have looked confident on the outside just because, you know, I was born, you know, five foot, 10 blonde and, you know, I have a bit of an attitude.

But at the same time too, I, I mean, I wasn’t confident on the inside. It was just trying to get those added girls on the outside. I called them the added girl moments. I was trying to get that external validation that would make me feel like I was worthy and I was enough. And for a really long time, I had a horrible, horrible eating disorder. Didn’t like myself, didn’t feel like I have a purpose. And when I was about 27 years old, I always say that I had this basically come to Jesus moment where I, my faith really wasn’t a huge part of my life up until I was about 27, but I just had this kind of rock bottom moment where I was really sick inside, outside, mentally, spiritually, all of the things. And I just decided like I could either give up or I could figure out how to do something about it.

And that was about 27 and 13 years later. I truly have the greatest life ever because I decided every single day it hasn’t happened overnight. It’s taken a lot of decision, faith in action, which are the three pillars of everything that I teach and I believe in and my brand and the whole thing. But yeah, it’s, it’s truly incredible what happens when you decide you want something, you burn all of the bridges and just decide that you’re gonna get it no ifs, ands, or buds, doesn’t matter how hard it is. Doesn’t matter the obstacles in front of you. It doesn’t matter that how you were raised. It doesn’t matter all of the stories in your head. You just decide it. And then, you know, for me, I truly believe there’s gotta be a lot of action behind it. And then for me, I found my faith when I was probably like around the same time, 27, 28, I just started dipping my toe into something that was outside of myself today, that word for me as God, but I don’t care if you use the word doorknob, I just believe that you have to have something outside of yourself.

And so now I teach people and coach people on deciding it’s their turn in life. You know, I think you can make a lot of money in this world. I think there’s so much money out there, I think it’s your job to go get it because when good people like, you know, Chris, who started Fast Foundations say, when good people make good money, they can do great things. And I’ve truly been able to do some great things in my life. I’m so blessed that I have the life that I have. I mean, I do have a really, like a bucket list life just because I decided every single day, but I also show up to it. And I’m really honestly like so in alignment with what I get to do and who I am. And that’s what I want. Everyone who works with me to feel, I want them to feel like they too can decide it’s their turn for the life and business that they deserve.

Mm mm mm So good. Now, I know people listen to this podcast that are early stage entrepreneurs and we love to peel back the curtain. And you shared a ton of like the backstory around 26, 27 of making a decision to move into a different phase of your life. Can you walk us through what those early steps look like? Because maybe somebody’s at that point listening right now thinking that sounds nice, good for you, you did the damn thing, you make these decisions. But like how, what does that look like? What does that look like on the daily for you? Because I know like myself, there’s a lot of routines and habits that have been created over the years that now you don’t even think twice about doing it just is what you do. So can you walk through maybe some steps that maybe you do with your clients when they first come to you and they’re at that same, that same, you know, crossroads in their life where they can either kind of give into what they’ve been doing and just settle for that mediocre life where they could start to make some decisions around how they’re gonna start showing up to become this next level of themself?

Yeah, th there’s just, there’s so many things, but number one, I would start with like the decision part, right? Like, so make a true decision, decide that this is going to happen no matter what. No ifs ands, or, but the second thing I would say is find people who are already doing it. This is the reason why you and I both believe in masterminds. You know, obviously the Fast Foundation’s mastermind, I was a part of it twice. You were, were you twice?

Once and then I became just a coach. Yeah.

Okay. Yeah. So you were, I was a part of it a couple times. And then, you know, I’ve been a part of mastermind since I have a one-on-one coach for the last, I think four or five years now. I just started surrounding myself with people who were doing things that I wanted to do.

And, you know, whether you can, you think you can afford it right off the bat, what then guess what, you always can, there’s always a way to, yes, there’s so much money in this world, you can figure it out, but so don’t let yourself use that as an excuse. But for me, I started reading so much, so many books. I like, literally if, if I tried to find it, I could find probably photos of myself at the gym, every single solitary morning, you know, seven days a week on the StairMaster, reading a book, listening to a podcast, and taking notes. I, I remember one time I was reading a book called The One Thing, and they tell you to do one thing, and I’m literally doing like 17 things at one time. So it didn’t all sink in, but I really just started like reprogramming my mind.

You know, I tell clients all the time, what I’m doing is I’m really just brainwashing them into believing that they can decide for this life and they can do it too. And you know, I think oftentimes we have these stories and situations in our heads and in our environments that, you know, who am I to do this? The where I came from? And you just have a whole bunch of like, if I’m being honest, there’s just so much bullshit in your brain that’s keeping you stuck. That’s a hundred percent it. I mean, I wrote down in my journal before I ever take, before I ever took any action to start my business, I will help other women not feel as shitty as I did. And I will help them get, be confident to make money. I wrote that down for four years before I took any action on it.

Like, to me, that’s one of the, the great, the saddest things ever because I probably could have created my life four years ago, but I was scared, right? Like, I had all the stories in my head. I was like, who am I to be a coach? I was a golfer for crying out loud. Like, who am I to say that I have my own business? When really I, when I actually think about it, I’ve always had my own business. I never really just, I never looked at it though in the framework of like an l l LLC business. Like I was doing everything before. I was like, companies were hiring me to play golf. Well, that was owning my own business. I definitely had, you know, I was making six figures in business before I quote unquote had a real business doing it. It was just a different way.

Like I think we all have these, these steps that we’ve taken in our journeys that have gotten us to where we are. And sometimes we can’t connect the dots backwards, right? Like all of the steps that I was learning today, you know, I help people with their business, how, how to make money. And it’s so interesting. I, I was doing that way before I was surrounding myself with billionaires. You guys like billionaires in the golf world. Like I was getting paid $10,000 a day to go play golf with someone. But I also, obviously I knew how to have a contract. I knew how to like negotiate. I knew sales, I knew all of these things, but I just never put it into the context of an actual, like my own business at the time, even though it so was it, it’s just Emory. All the dots were connecting themselves.

But I will tell you, the thing that happened was I believe confidence is a muscle, right? I just started taking action. I just started moving forward. I just started, you know, telling myself that like all of the shit that I’ve been telling myself for so many years wasn’t true. And like, I got to replace that with thoughts that were serving me. I got to find evidence that I did know how to run a business. My God, I was getting paid $10,000 a day and I was telling myself I couldn’t start my own business. Well, damn Christina, that’s, I had my own business, right? Like, but when you’re in it in the beginning stages, you’re, you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing, you feel like everyone else does. You feel like there should be this moment where you just feel ready and prepared. You guys, I take so much action still to this day.

I never feel ready. I never feel prepared, but I figure it out along the way. And I think that, you know, those are some of the best pieces of advice that I would say is like, you just have to start action breeds confidence and like no one else knows what they’re doing. And guaranteed, if it’s in your soul to do and you’re so passionate about it, there’s always a way to Yes, 100%. There is always a way to, yes. And that’s just like something that I live by still to this day. Like I will always figure it out. I have so much self-trust and I know that there’s a way to yes, if I want anything in this world.

Hmm. So good. And I, I laughed a little bit when you were talking about, you know, I just basically brainwashed my clients to believe they can do the things. Well, that’s what you’re reprogramming. We’ve been brainwashed to think the thoughts. Were already thinking that we can’t do it. We’re not smart enough. We have to know more to be able to start. And so it’s funny, but it’s not funny because you basically were reprogramming every morning at the gym and I remember your stories, that was another thing every morning she showed it as a way to like hold herself accountable. And there was that old guy at the gym who was that guy?



Oh, it was so sad when he died. But yes, you’re right. I, oh my God, it’s so funny. Like most people who follow me now don’t even remember that story. But every single day I went to the gym and I posted it still to this day, have you followed me on social media up until just this October, I don’t know when this is coming out, but this October, 2022, I had posted every single solitary day on my stories for over four and a half years. Not missed one frigging day until this October when I decided to take time off. And you know, people wanna know what the secret is, the peop the secret is that I’m just so fucking consistent

And we could put a bell on it right there. No consistency breeds confidence too, because you show up for yourself, nobody else gives a fuck. If you show up every single day and post that, like nobody probably would’ve even missed it for a few days. But you, you’d train people what to expect from you through your brand, through showing up, through the encouragement and through proof. You can’t really teach to something that you’re not doing. So if you’re helping your clients be consistent and confident and showing up, you gotta find coaches and mentors who are doing the things that they’re teaching. And that’s one of those things that through all the noise and all the coaches and all the stuff that’s going on out right now, I feel like it’s such a catchphrase to say that you’re a coach or you have a mastermind or a programmer, something that will help people get from A to B. But again, always making sure that you are checking credentials on who you are working with because that’s one of those things. How did you figure out that Fast Foundation’s, the Mastermind, was the right mastermind for you to join at that time in your business?

That’s a really good question. And like I a hundred percent agree with you because I do feel like there’s people, like I even get dms sometimes from people that be like, I just wanna be a coach. I’m like, hmm. Like I don’t really have a tendency to work with those people. I’m like, I’m happy to do an intensive session with you to help you figure out and give you clarity on like what you wanna do. But like guys, I never got into coaching to be a fucking coach. I got into coaching because like I a hundred percent had a passion to help people. And like I didn’t know how it would looked in the beginning. And I knew that, I knew that I knew I never wanted a person to feel the way that I felt. And I also knew that like people were telling themselves these stories that were keeping them stuck like I was that you couldn’t make money doing something.

And I was just like, it was just, to me it was just like, it still is to this day. Like I don’t have to work as right as I do and yet like I’m possessed to do it. And so for me it’s just easy. Like I don’t even have to think about money because it’s like if I just do my fucking job, I wanna make money. But why did I choose Fast Foundations? Because I had met Chris probably about, I think three years, maybe 2015. I had met Chris at an event like just through a mutual connection and I had just followed him and at the time I wasn’t prepared to invest. Like I think his, like his elite mastermind was like 45,000 or something. And it wasn’t like where I was at in my business to be able to invest in that at the time.

And I didn’t have as much clarity as I wanted. But I think I was the very, and you would, you would have to like ask him, but I think I was the very first person to join Fast Foundations because he had teased it and talked about it and like, and it was so crazy too because I had just invested, I don’t remember what it was, I think I had just invested $10,000 into a deposit for my live event like 24 hours before he opened the Mastermind. And so like literally I went from investing $10,000 into an event space to like what, I don’t know, what was it the first time? Seven or $8,000 into his, into his mastermind. But I just knew that like I needed, like I couldn’t. And I think if anyone’s listening to this, like at some point in time you have to find someone who’s already done it ahead of you. Like you can only fuck around and guess and watch people online for such a long period of time. Because the number one most valuable asset on this planet is time. And you are wasting your downtime by not finding someone to tell you to go left instead of going right.

RT CUSTER (17:54):
Hey, it’s rt. Thanks so much for listening to the Fast Foundation’s podcast. I want to see you in the room. I don’t want you to just be hearing my and our voices. Let me tell you about the Fast Foundation’s Mastermind. It’s a six month long program and it’s our signature program. It’s how you join our community. Every time we talk about this amazing community of almost 400 people that have gone through our mastermind that we have here on the podcast that we hear from and our mentors, all kind of stuff, all the guest speakers, the coaches, all the awesome things that we get to do. It all starts with the Mastermind. It’s a six month long program with two two day in-person events, one’s in Scottsdale, one’s in Denver. Yes, they’re in amazing beautiful places. We have them in cool spots because that’s fun. We also give you six months with a coach one-on-one.

And the most important thing is once you go through that mastermind and you learn from all these amazing speakers that we bring in, learn from your coach, grow with me and Jim and the rest of our team, you get lifetime access to our community. Every single thing that we do is recorded and uploaded into a private platform off of Facebook, off of the social media’s all credit crap. And it’s saved in one place that you have again, lifetime access to. So when you join the Fast Foundations mastermind, which you can learn more about at and click on join the community to apply when you join this mastermind, you are in our community for life. I really hope to see you in the room and I hope to talk to you soon.

Absolutely. Especially when they can get granular around what you’re doing and who you’re trying to serve and how you’re trying to do it. So I mean, you couldn’t have picked a more perfect person, especially given their background with all the events Lori had done over the years and all that kind of stuff. And that leads me to your event because I got the honor of being at your event to do your glam for that. That was so fun. So I know that the event was a huge success, but it was also massively challenging because A, it was your first event and B, a few things were not as you had planned. I remember we talked about some of that stuff and I would love, I, I’d already do love how you don’t sugarcoat shit like you are, you are very open about all the things and I love that. And there’s so many people who think they can just start a mastermind, think they can just start a live event or do something. But the reality to the, the work that goes into doing these things you kind of have to reverse engineer what’s the purpose behind having an event, right? What’s the what, what’s gonna come of it? Is this an annual thing that you wanna do? Is it to drive traffic? Is it to build brand awareness? When you decided to do that event, what was your main goal for having the event?

Oh, there’s so much I could go into that. So you’re right Jess. Like you should probably have a plan to do a live event. You should probably know why you’re doing it. You should probably know the amount of work. But at the time I really didn’t. I was so new to the industry and I had met a friend at like, I was speaking at this mastermind and I had just really aligned with her. We were gonna do this live event together. Unfortunately right after we set it up and like again, keep in mind I probably had 15,000 followers at the time, but probably a thousand of them were women because I, everyone followed me from golf. So there was mu much of dudes, right? And like I had no experience in the coaching industry. I did all the things, but I just knew that I knew that I knew that I knew if I did an event because events were so powerful to me, they changed my life.

They like started me deciding it was my turn. So I was just like, I’ll do this event with a woman who’s already got followers, who’s already got some education and like for me it was just like such a God moment that like I would’ve never have done that event had I not had a partner. And then the minute I did it, God was like, all right, surprise, she’s gonna quit and you’re gonna have to do this by yourself. And like you said, it, it was guaranteed the hardest four months of my whole entire life. But it was probably the thing that gave me the most confidence in myself and my business. Like hands down, no question about it. I did this event at a hundred people showed up, I lost $50,000 and I, I am actually done my own po my podcast is called Decided It’s Your Turn.

But I’ve done a podcast on how I lost $50,000 in gain confidence because I will tell you like when you are getting your ass kicked for four months straight, you lose that amount of money. You keep showing up every single day and then the event actually goes phenomenally. You just feel like you can do anything. And I feel like it was one of the greatest worst experiences of my life. I would do it again in a heartbeat cuz it got me where I am today. But also too, it was literally the most stressful four months of my life. Yeah. Like I didn’t know why I was doing the event, I just knew that events impacted my life and I just knew that like I had a calling in my soul to help people decide it was their turn. I just, I knew that if I could get people in this room, I could help change their lives. And then obviously it sold into my mastermind and my one-on-one coaching and it worked really well for, for that reason. But you know, I probably did it back afterwards. I joined the mastermind after I had already done the event. So maybe that was my biggest mistake of the day.

Well but it’s crazy and that’s why I wanted to bring this up because not a lot of people obviously if you’re listening to this podcast, Christina might be brand new to you but she’s not new to me and it’s, it’s been in being able to be around people like she’s saying that are doing the things to watch. And it’s one of the reasons why I’ve learned not sometimes y you think something’s not what it is, right? She quote unquote maybe lost a $50,000 but in the long game of her business, it actually probably was one of the biggest investments that she could have made because how much did you learn putting that event together in a four month crunch, right? You built out the framework for the event you probably created, you probably didn’t realize, created your format of how you even coach and teach to now there was probably so many moments that you called God moments that taught you things that you could do, you already knew you could do other things from your, you know, golf life and working with those people, creating conversations with billionaires.

But to be on the ground as I like to call it at an event one-on-one with people who are there to have that life-changing moment with you like you did when you go to other events. Like it’s in those moments where that $50,000 sun a little bit. But in that one conversation with so-and-so telling you how you said one thing that changed everything for them, like that’s really who you are at the end of the day and that’s why you’re gonna have such longevity in this industry because you do it for her. For that one person in that group that’s like, oh my god, that’s exactly what I needed to hear. And you put together the most epic group of women in that room. They were so uplifting, so powerful. And had you maybe had that partner that you originally had, you, you might have not felt like you deserved all the credit but you did all that yourself. Like that built like a unknown muscle that has carried you and allows you to sit here with such confidence and and pour into your clients like you do so real really when we look back, isn’t it crazy here it’s just like that had to happen exactly the way it did.

Oh a hundred percent. There’s been so many things that have had to happen the way that they did and like I want everyone to listen to that. Like you might not think that it makes sense but like you can’t tell why it’s happening when you’re in it. Like that’s the reason why I always say like it’s so important to have external perspective myself as a coach. I don’t really feel like I give people anything. I feel like the thing that I do the best is help them gain the external perspective to figure out what they want for them and hold them accountable and help them work through all of the stories that stop them. You know, a lot of my clients who have the most success, you know, one of my longest time clients, you and I both know him cuz he was in our mastermind together, you know, he has had so much financial success and he’s had so much success.

But really the thing that I think I’ve helped him with in the most is just helping him gain the external perspective and holding him accountable and helping him work through the mindset shifts that like calm with growing this business and stepping into your purpose and feeling that you’re alone and all of the things. And yeah, if I wouldn’t have done this event, I wouldn’t be where I am today. But you know, before that event even, funny enough, I never even really thought of it, which is kind of crazy. Before that event, I had invested $18,000 in a coach for 90 days and I, it was actually a recommendation through Chris, it the coach was it, it was not the brightest experience, but I promise you if I would’ve stopped after that investment, I wouldn’t be who I am today either. Because like even though the investment itself and the coaching itself was pretty much a dumpster fire, I figured out who I was through that and I also learned what not to do.

So sometimes I think, you know, we make investments that we can’t understand why they’ve worked the way that they have, but you can see in hindsight why you needed it. Like I know I’m a better coach today because I went through that coaching and I was like, I will never do this. I know now what not to do and I know how to, how to show up differently. So I think like it’s, there’s never a bad investment in yourself. Like never, never, never. I’ve invested a lot of money in good things and I’ve un boasted a lot of money in bad things. But I will tell you like once people understand this, like I’m sure you do the exact same thing now. Like I invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in myself over the course of the last however many years, hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And I don’t regret a penny of it because it’s got me to where I am today. And I think if you’re new listening to this and perhaps you’ve never invested a penny into yourself, I promise you it is the best money that you’ve ever spent in your life. But I also wanna point out that it’s the thing that has allowed me to make so much money. Like I’m really passionate, like over the last year and a half I’ve become a lot more passionate about women making women, especially I have guide clients too, one-on-one clients, but I’ve been more passionate about women making money and like I really want women to understand that like confidence, clarity, and like really aligned with your purpose is the thing that allows you to make more money. And there’s just so many stories out there about like not being able to do it and I’m just like dead set on changing that narrative.

I love that so much. And it’s so true because there, there’s so much stigma behind talking about money in general, whether you make a lottery you don’t have any right? There’s shame and guilt around both that it, it’s so, it’s like sex. Talking about sex and talking about money are like the two things that like both can be really amazing or really fucking terrible, but nobody teaches us about it growing up. I don’t know what age you should learn either or, but money for sure. I’m so mindful around the things I say to my kid now, especially when it comes to like the phrase, we can’t afford that. It’s just such an easy cop out like yeah I can if I wanted to, but I’m telling you I can’t. So that you believe me that I like, it’s such, it’s such an interesting phenomenon because it’s the way we were raised and brainwashed because that’s how our parents were raised and brainwashed, right? And even you being in the situation in your early twenties where you were making all of that money, there was still that mindset block of you kind of were just getting pushed where people were putting you versus like taking ownership of that experience and saying, this is my business, this is how I wanna run it. It’s interesting because you know, being able to pour that confidence into women that show up because in the podcast space alone, we’ll just give that as an example. There’s only 20% women that, that are doing podcasts.

Is that true? Oh gosh,

I think it’s still around 20 years. 20%.

Wow. That’s crazy. And you’re right about the money and like I’m not, like if you follow me at b Christina on social media, you’ll see I am not the girl who talks about seven figures this and a hundred thousand dollars months that. And like, if that’s what you want, you go get it. Oh, like I’m talking about just the, the change of money and the like how it allows you to have more freedom. How it allows you to have more choice. Like I grew up with a really bad, like still to this day, my parents don’t have amazing mindset when it comes to to money. And so like I’m very lucky because my husband has been a huge blessing to me in changing the stories with money. You know, he probably came from less than I did, but we’ve just been so intentional about changing our minds and making our stories like what feels in alignment to us.

You know, something I say to clients all the time that, you know, if you take one thing from this podcast take this, is that you are no longer your parents’ stories. You are no longer your parents’ stories, you’re no longer your parents’ decisions. And it’s as amazing as your parents are, there’s certain things that they did that may not be in alignment to you. And it’s really, really passion. I’m really, really passionate about changing and I still have a long way to go. I’m not perfect, but like changing your story about what money is and to money to you might be tens of millions of dollars but money to, you might be making six figures a year and I’m the girl who tells you like whatever feels good in an alignment to you that can be right for you. I’ve, I’ve never been the million seven figure girl, but I’m also saying too that like money allows you to have freedom. Money allows you to have flexibility. Money allows you to do great things for people. Like I’m so, so passionate about using my assets, whether it be money, time, energy, whatever, to, to bless other people. I just think it’s like my mission in life. I, it’s one of my core values, but I want women to understand that like there is a fuck ton of money out there and it is your responsibility to get it.

I love that so much. Yeah, and listen, I know Christina talks a lot about that and there, that’s actually something that has come up for me recently when I’ve been listening to people on social or just kind of the marketing that’s being put out there around seven and eight figures and people talking about how much money they’re making and as a, as a, as a sales tactic to get you to coach with them or work with them. And I think that’s where we kind of touched on this before we get record off the comparison trap of what social media can sometimes do to people when say their goal wasn’t even that or that’s not necessarily what they need in order to feel quote unquote successful or happy or like they have enough to do all these great things that you’re talking about. It doesn’t always have to hit these certain numbers and sometimes you can be in a really great situation or doing things that really lights you up and you’ll get taken off course because you think you’re supposed to be somewhere that because someone else is there.

And so going back to what you said at the very, very beginning about being authentically yourself, which is another reason why you’ve had so much success. I feel like for so many people they might still be in that situation around where you were in your early twenties and myself too included, that’s why I wrote the book, come As You Are because we were, we let society put us in these boxes cuz we don’t know any better. You, you look to people as you’re growing up to advise you of what you should do and what’s quote unquote successful. But we’ve realized through social media in the last 11, 12 years since it’s been around that the world is whatever you want it to be. So sometimes it can take you out of what your focus is and and, and take you off course. Especially if you’re an early stage entrepreneur, you’re trying to be successful and make money. So if you get taken off and you think going over to that avenue is gonna make you more money, you might think to do that. And we’ve watched some people will kind of struggle when they joined the mastermind if they didn’t have a concrete business already with playing with different things and maybe pivoted and shifting. Do you experience any of that when you have new clients coming to you or, or is that, is that something that you don’t really deal with with clients?

Yes and no, but I wanna, the number one thing I think that will help anyone with this is something that I believe very, very firmly in you have to know your core values. You have to know what you want. This is why I always talk about confidence and clarity. If you are not clear, it is so easy to lose track, especially with social media. I will tell you I am probably 80% right on track when it comes to this. I sometimes do, 20% of the time I’ll get into a scroll or something like that. I’m on social media a lot, but I’m not consuming sco social media a lot when I do have like, oh gosh, should I be doing this? Or Oh she’s doing that or can you believe this person? Like I’ll have those stories cuz again, I’m a human being doing human things.

I’m gonna like, I’m not like it happens to me too. But I will say the number one thing that brings me back is I know who I am, I know my core values and I know what I wanna do on this planet. There is not an ounce of me that wants to be the girl to tell you you’re not good enough because you’re not making a million dollars. I am never going to suck you in doing something that’s out of alignment to me. I would rather quit and go work at Walmart than do something that’s out of my integrity. My number one core value in life is integrity. We operate in this business. If you look up my business l l c, my core values, the number one core value is integrity. Am I, have I screwed up in life? Absolutely. Do I say, sorry if I’m wrong, absolutely.

But core value number one, integrity. I won’t do something out of integrity. So I’m telling you I think the number one thing, and if you don’t know what your core values are, I would get really clear on what those are because it’s so much easier to stay in alignment with what you know that you wanna do and not be, you know, that it’s almost like that shiny object syndrome, right? That some people really get sucked into like, oh well, like how many people in the mastermind, like the first couple, you know, like there’s very few people that are kind of still in the same wheelhouse when they first started the mastermind towards the, like still to this day when you and I started like four or five years ago, whatever it was, i in the first one. And I think sometimes people get sucked in like, oh well that looks like it’s making more money.

Or that is, you know, that looks like it’s easier to do. And I think one of the reasons why, you know, I’ve never really kind of pivoted a huge amount is because like I, I know what I’m here to do and I know I’m so in alignment with it and I’m not willing to like ever negate my core values. So I would tell you right off the bat, get your core, know what it is that you wanna do and don’t deviate off those things. There’s always a way to make money, there’s always a way to have success. You don’t have to do it the way anyone else is doing it. You know, right now in in our industry it’s either really, really, really expensive or it’s like, you know, those 2 99 like two day events or whatever that everyone’s kind of doing those two big things. And again, I go back to there is not one strategy, there is the strategy that works for you, that works. Like everything in our industry works if you are in alignment with it and if you work it right? So don’t get caught up in the shiny object. I would tell that’s the number one thing I would say to anyone.

I love that. That’s so true. And you know, she’s referring to people that were in either the first or second or few rounds that did start to pivot and did start to look at different ways that they could be showing up. But there’s some good to that and there’s also some that, that took the shiny, shiny object syndrome path and probably still are floating in that bubble because you know, when you are not clear and you’re not in integrity, you don’t know who you are. So that it’s, it’s really hard to show up and do those things. And that was one of the most powerful exercises RT did for us in this last in-person this past round of, of fast foundations was walk everybody through that core value exercise. And at first it seemed so simple until you have to start to get really nitty gritty of like the five core values that you really wanna live by.

And for me it’s one of those things, it’s like if it’s not in alignment with those five things, it’s, it’s a no, it’s easier to make decisions when you are clear about those core values because like you said, it might be six figures that is the number for you, or it might be seven figures, but you need to know that so that you’re not taken off course by things like shiny object syndrome because you know, not only will that fuck things up for you if you’re not consistent and do one thing and go all in, like it’s gonna be really difficult for you to grow your business. And most people in the early stages of entrepreneurship can get taken out easy by some, like a setback or like a, a bu investment that they made. But that’s why being in community is so important. You made so many friends in that first round that I know you’re still really close with. Like, tell us a little story about, I know you and some of the girls are like lifelong friends now.

Yeah, there’s just so many people in those masterminds that I’m still connected with. I mean, you and I, we’ve even messaged Sharon there. I mean it’s so nice. I’m, I mean there’s just been so many people like Andy and Jim, those are two of my good guy friends. I still continue to watch like a few of the guys that were in like the second round that I wasn’t even a part of that, but I kind of felt like connected to it, right? I took a, like, I loved Fast Foundation. I’d still probably be in there today if I needed like, you know, the community of friends just to hang out with. I feel like I’ve done a really good job, always continuously putting myself in a mastermind. I still, to this day, I have two women, one in Mexico and one in Australia. We’re like, we meet every two weeks.

They’re my mastermind girls. I still have my one-on-one coach. Like, I stay really connected with people because I I, I’ve even done a podcast called I Pay for My Friends because I really wanna always be around people that, you know, I look up to and you know, Yaz, you know, Amy and Step and Yaa, those three girls were, I was so tight with those girls for so many years. Yaz and I, we still have like our monthly calls. I really, you know, I I love those girls. There’s just so many people. Like I I still watch online, you know Jillian and Jen and oh Kat, Kat Golden is one of my good girlfriends. I just, she’s probably the person that I’ve watched from afar and just like have so much admiration for, she’s probably, I don’t know if she’s been the most successful person.

I don’t know what that really means. Success is different to everyone, but I’ve just always admired her and I’m thankful to call her a good friend. But there’s been so many people that have done great things coming through this mastermind and I just, I believe wholeheartedly in it. I wouldn’t have started my own mastermind if I didn’t believe in masterminds. I mean, I was doing my mastermind before I joined this one because I was a part of groups before. And so I, I just wholeheartedly believe that if you wanna go to the next level, whether it be personal or professional, be around people who are going to the next level. I mean, there’s just no faster way to success. Like, you tell me what it is, I’m, I’m here to buy it, but this is it <laugh>,

This is it. And, and it’s that time and that hard work where you show up and you show up and you show up. And in that, in those pits of life where sometimes it’s hard to show up, you have your community to lean on. And that’s the beautiful thing. Like in the first, I think it was the second or third episode, Jim Rt and I did a podcast episode together where we basically talked about the fact that we paid for friends. I had zero idea what my online business was gonna be. I I didn’t even quite qualify for the mastermind itself, even though I was an entrepreneur in my own right. You, you know, in the beauty industry. I, I was one of those people that was like, I need to get around other people to see what’s possible. Like I just need to know what else is going on out in the world.

Cause they’ve been in a bubble for 20 years. And so, you know, both Jim and RT said the same thing. Like they were kind of doing really well in life and business, but they needed high level friends that they could have conversations with and then it expanded their business and now they’re partners, like they didn’t even know each other when they joined. So anything is possible at having these connections that are lifelong. Like that to me is the most valuable takeaway that I got. But also the access in the network. Like you may not be besties with people when you leave, but the network that you grow in these masterminds that pushes you to meet the next right person for that next stage of your life, it, that’s also something that I don’t think is talked about enough. And so even when things seem like a really high level of investment, you can’t quite see what that’s gonna, what that’s gonna pay off in dividends throughout your life by showing up a, putting money where your mouth is and then b doing the work and showing up consistently for whether it’s calls or the in-person portion of it and like you continuing, continuing on long after the, the, the round is done with friendships and putting that work in still to keep those relationships going.

I mean that’s, that in a nutshell is what I think all of this is for why we do what we do, right?

Yeah. There’s like, you can, you can go spend your money and, and I’m a big proponent of having both, but you can spend your money on a handbag, but that handbag is only so good for so long. Like let’s be real, like when you’re investing in, in yourself, when you’re investing in your relationships, when you’re investing in your business, when you’re investing in your mindset, you’re investing in those who you surround yourself with. Like for me personally, there’s not a better investment in my whole entire life. It has literally taken me thir for the last 13 years. I have literally spent hundreds of thousands of dollars putting myself in a different situation to have the life that I now have. And it’s, you know, there’s no fast track to success. But like, if you actually want to fast track some things and not have to learn everything yourself, be around people who have already done it.

Like it’s until you do it, it feels so scary. And I know like, I mean you and I were probably in the exact same boat. Every time you invest that next level, whether it’s $1 or a million dollars, it’s gonna be scary. And it should be like if you want an entrepreneurial life or if you want a life that most people don’t have, you’re gonna have to do things that most people don’t do you, and I probably tell 90% of the people around us what we do and the amount of money we pay to be around high level people, they probably think you’re badass. Crazy. But guess what? I think it’s badass crazy to, you know, do a normal job nine to five and come home and sit on the couch and that’s your life and take one week of vacation for the rest of your life. That, that just isn’t for me. It’s for some people. But like I need to define people that thought that that was crazy

<Laugh>. And that’s what this podcast is for. It’s for those crazy people who just know that they’re meant for more and to show up and do bigger batter things. And if you want this kind of fire lit under your ass, go listen to Christina’s podcast and go follow her at b Christina on Instagram. She’s full of yummy like motivation, inspiration and just no bullshit cuz that we don’t have time for all that. Right? We don’t get time for it. Is there any other places you hang out or is it mostly on Instagram?

Yeah, mostly on Instagram. I encourage everyone to be themselves. So my Instagram handle is b Christina because it doesn’t matter if I’m being Christina to my wife sitting on or my husband sitting on the couch being a wife, you know, being a coach, playing golf, doing all the things. I’m just being Christina, that’s my ultimate goal is just, just be Christina. I was put here on the planet to do that and that’s what I do. And then yeah, definitely on my podcast that decide it’s your turn podcast where, you know, I interview some amazing people and I also talk about, you know, the stories and strategies in my life that have allowed me to decide it’s my turn and have this like really amazing life that I, I now have and I choose it every single day. And yeah, it’s really exciting. But yeah, those are the main things. And obviously you can text me at any time to 5 0 1 2, 2 2 3 3 6 2. You can send me a text message. I do motivation, I send the podcast, I let everyone know kind of what’s happening in my life. Kind of like the, the super exclusive stuff, but I’m, it’s definitely more of like a once a week. Thanks. So if you want the daily, come see me on Instagram.

Yes. I love it. And your, your thing that, you know, I wrote down that I love is anything is possible with decision, faith, and action. And you know, if we could all just keep it a little bit more simple, make the decision, have the faith, and just take the action, we’ll leave you guys with that one. Put a bow on a Christina, thank you so much. This has been so much fun. I just love seeing you. You always light up when you talk about what you do, and that’s how you truly know that people are in their purpose and doing the things they’re put on this earth to do. So thank you for being you. Thank you for making my jaw drop when I first met you and always looking to you for inspiration because we all need women and mentors and people in our life that even though they might not know what their effect is on us, you could be doing that same thing for so many other people in your life that you don’t even know just by showing up, being yourself. So thank you so much for that. And you guys, if this sparks some interest and you wanna join the next round of Fast Foundations the Mastermind, hit us [email protected]. And be sure to follow Christina at Be Christina on Instagram and myself at Jessica Burgio, and we’ll see you on the next episode of Fast Foundation’s podcast.

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