Fast Foundations The Podcast Episode #23

How I Made 250K in 10 Minutes with R.T. Custer and Jim Carter

Show Notes

Want to know how to sell 250k in 10 minutes? It all starts with turning your potential clients into FANS of your work!

In this episode, we share exactly how we’ve done both the 250K launch, and how we’ve built an audience of fans who were ready and excited to purchase when Vortic Watch Co released their limited military edition watches!

To create fans of your brand, you need to be the BIGGEST fan of your brand, and show up via email and video content over and over and over again!

Tune in to hear how our co-host RT Custer has created relationships (and fans of Vortic Watch Co) by showing up consistently in emails and quality video content!

In this Episode, we talk about

  • The percentage of people on the email list that bought a military edition watch on this launch.

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Key Moments

01:00 What’s the story behind this 250k launch?

04:15 How the Veterans Day military edition watch came to be.

06:00 “Don’t you think it’s ambitious to charge 8k for something you used to charge 4k for?”

11:20 How does it feel seeing customers become fans of the art and history preservation you do?

15:15 Benefits of doing an online launch!

18:20 What has worked, and not worked, over the years as you’ve marketed this Veteran’s Day launch?

21:00 How to engage and follow up in email best!

22:00 Two things you need to do to connect, grow, and build trust with your customers.

26:00 Where can we learn more about these Veterans Day military edition watches?

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RT CUSTER (00:00):
Make more video content and grow your email list and send awesome quality video content via email to as many people as you possibly can. And then rinse, repeat, and keep doing it.

Welcome back to another Carter and Custer episode on the Fast Foundation’s podcast. I’m your co-host, Jim Carter and none other then,

Mr. RT Custer hanging out over here. What’s up?

We are doing it. So, uh, snow has fallen in Colorado and it’s California cold out here. I’m in a short sleeved shirt and California cold’s like 60 and everybody in the Colorado side just, you know, screams at me. But

I think it was 12 degrees when I started my car today and


I realized on the way here that I have summer tires on my car. So that was,

how’s that working out?

Steak? That’s not good. But, um, I made it. I just went slow. <laugh>.

I’m glad you’re here. So, um, you were telling me, um, you just had an awesome launch and you know, we, we were always thinking about fun topics that we can just kind of unpack and, you know, just expose again, like lifting the curtain, just talking about what we’re doing that’s working.

And dude, you just had an incredible launch. You were telling us, you, you were telling our team that you made over a quarter million dollars in 10 minutes with this most recent launch that you had on Veterans Day <laugh>. Like, what the hell <laugh> you, you have to expand on this. Like, I know a little bit of it, but I want to hear the story and I know the listeners do too. So like, what was this launch? And you know, like, let’s, let’s just start to talk about this.

Yeah, I mean, you know how they talk about like, um, the, the overnight success stories and, and how people just have to remind everyone like, you know, I, we, we’ve, Tyler and I have been building Vortic watch company for a decade and it’s taken a very long time to get to the point where I can send an email and generate that kind of revenue in a, in a short amount of time and, and, and execute a launch like that.

Um, this is also our fourth launch of the military edition and, and what we’re talking about is, uh, it’s, it’s Vortic watch company, the military edition, it’s if you wanna check out this product. Um, but we launch it every day or every year on Veterans Day and it’s, I mean, it’s the coolest watch on the face of the earth and we charge accordingly. You know, it’s, it’s, um, we had 50 units at $8,000 a piece and 15 units at $12,000 a piece, and we almost sold all of the $12,000 special editions and we sold about half of the fourth edition at, at $8,000 piece all within, um, the first 10 minutes of the launch at, at noon, um, mountain Time on November 11th. And so, yeah, I mean, it was very successful. Um, and that’s revenue, you know, not profit. So that’s just, that’s more revenue for the company and that’s a significant portion of, of our total annual revenue in, in, in 10 minutes.

Um, but that’s, that’s also the point, you know, it’s, um, it’s taken us a long time to build the level of, we don’t even call ’em customers or clients like, um, we have, we have fans, you know, that’s, that’s the, the really just just fans of what we do and it’s just so fun and I feel so grateful to have that level of support from, from our customers that just they think what we do is so cool that they’re willing to say that their computer and rapidly push refresh so they can make sure they get one of the first and and lowest serial numbers of, of this really cool watch that we do only one day.

That’s really awesome, dude. Yeah, I know one of my favorite things about the email, like machine that you built is it’s just hyper personalized, right? Like the first email is from Mi hu you’re like, Hey, I’m the founder, I can’t wait to tell you about this.

Like, you know, we talk about indoctrination series with email, we talk about like building that brand affinity, getting to know it, but like you take that to a different level and I, I know email was a big part of this and I, I wanna ask that in a little bit, but let’s actually kind of like zoom out and really, really think about this. You said this was the fourth launch, right? So four Veterans Days, this has been going for four years.

Yeah. First one was, uh, 2019, and we, we had the idea basically, I mean, you know, Vortic watch company, main product line and, and only product line now is called the American Artisan Series. And for those that, that are new to that, that idea, we take antique American Pocket watches and turn them into one of a kind wrist watches. And we’ve been doing that, um, since 2014 when we launched on Kickstarter.

And one of the questions that we always get, and one of the coolest things about what we do is if you send your grandfather’s or grandmother’s pocket watch to us, we can turn it into a wrist watch. Um, and one customer years ago sent us one of these military pocket watches and we stumbled on the history of the fact that like Hamilton Watch Company in the late 1930s was commissioned by the US Army Air Corps to manufacture about a hundred thousand of these pocket watches for the bee bombers in World War ii. And it was called the Master Navigator’s Watch. And we didn’t know any of that stuff. And so we did all that research and they, we just thought that was the coolest thing ever. And so we designed a custom case for it and we could, since they made about a hundred thousand of ’em, you know, 70 years ago or whatever, we figured like we can probably get enough of these to do a limited edition.

And so our first first edition of our military edition came out, uh, November 11th, 2019. And we sold out pretty quickly at, at that time, but we only had one option. We only made 50 of them. And yeah, we sold out in a few days on that. And our price point back then, um, I, our price point was 5,000 at, on that first watch. And one customer emailed us, um, this year and we had a really good conversation and he basically said like, don’t you think it’s ambitious to charge 8,000 now for a similar product only four years later? And I said, yeah, it is ambitious, and that’s the price that we originally wanted to charge in 2019. And we, and I said this in an email to a customer, I said, we literally did not have the balls to charge that kind <laugh> <laugh>

two cheat shit did not charge enough.

Yeah, yeah. And then that, you know, I mean, you and I have talked about this a lot, Jim and, uh, our, our friend and mentor Chris Harder, he’s been telling me for years, he’s like, you gotta charge what you’re worth. These watches are fantastic. They’re one of a kind, they’re insanely cool. Why are you only charging that much for these watches? And you know, our price range is 2,500 to 12,000. Our price range used to be, I mean, when we launched on Kickstarter, we were selling launches for 800 bucks and we didn’t realize it was gonna cost us more than that to manufacture it. So we, that was, that was a travesty in 2014. That was very difficult.

You’ve got a few machines, um, in your building,

you’re coming long range since then, you know,

a little heavy machinery to do it.

Yeah. Um, but, but that’s, that’s the truth is, is when we started this in 2019, we wanted like, I think our ideal price point was like 7,500 to 8,000.

And we were just like, I don’t, to us, I mean, we were, we, we were kids, we were in our mid twenties at that bla point. Like we had no idea what the hell we were doing. And, and as far as like pricing strategy, you know, it’s like we’re all new to, to the watch industry anyway. And so to charge that much, we just didn’t feel like we could. Um, and we are definitely being too hard on ourselves because now that we’re charging what I feel like what, what we’re worth and what these watches are worth, they’re actually selling faster. And customers take us really seriously. Like when I say our price range is, is 2,500 to 12,000, people are like, oh, okay, this is like a real luxury watch. Like, wow, okay, yeah,

this isn’t a hobby. Like you guys are a company like you, really,

we were just two kids making watches in a basement at, you know, back in 2014.

Now it’s like we have 8,000 square feet of manufacturing downtown Fort Collins, Colorado with like eight humans in this buil in this building making watches all day, plus millions of dollars worth of equipment. I mean, my electric bill last month was three grand <laugh>, you know, just literally keeping the lights on and keeping up

How cheap.

Yeah. So, um, yeah, we’re not messing around anymore. And, uh, and, and so yeah, we’ve come, come a really long way. And like I said, I just feel really, really grateful that, that our customers have supported us throughout this and that our customers have the balls to ask hard questions. You’re just like, you know it what? I used to be able to buy similar things for, for a different price. What, what’s the difference here? And, um, fast forward, I answered that, that question and I was really, you know, transparent with that customer and he was, he was just like, first of all, so awesome that you personally answered this email cuz he sent it to our general inbox.

And um, you know, Kyle does our customer service. He’s like, I don’t know how to answer this. I’m sorry, can you help me with this one? And, uh, he’s like, first of all, I’m so happy that you personally answered this. This is why I love Vortic Watch company. This is gonna be my third watch and I’m gonna buy one. Thank you. You know, and so now he, I think we shift his on Friday, so like yeah, just feel really grateful for, for the customers to support and yeah, this was the, the fourth year of doing it. And, and we get, we get better at launching new products every year. We get better at making the products every year. Um, this watch on my wrist is, you know, an example of what we sold and we’re charging 8,000 for it, and it’s worth every penny of 10. So

I fully believe it

and I stay that with confidence. Yeah,

yeah. They’re, they’re gorgeous, gorgeous time pieces. And, um, you know, there was an undertone and something that you said there that I wanna make sure I highlight, which is the fact that your customers are confident and comfortable enough to be able to ask you a palsy question like that teamed with the fact that you’re willing to reply, you know, in integrity and honesty and just like, this is why, like that is emblematic of why you do what you do, right? Because I know you pour into the fact that like, this is American made, it carries history, it’s our, it’s our ambition, you know, to bring this forward. And that’s part of the story, right? And like, I know a big piece of this is email, and we’ll talk a little bit about that, but it’s the email series that explains that to people, right?

So the fact that they’re able to start with getting that level of transparency, you know, from you and, and connect with you and associate your name with what you guys are building. Like, do, do you agree or do you disagree? Like that is like one of the key pieces that actually builds that fact that like, you know, people are sitting there waiting, refreshing for this launch. You know, I, I think the way you’re telling me, which is like, I mean, didn’t Taylor, um, uh, what’s, what’s her name? Um, Taylor Swift tickets just go on and everybody’s just like breaking the internet and taking a notes or trying to, like, I mean,

that was a mess <laugh>

yeah,. I mean, you’re not at the, you know, Taylor Swift launch, uh,

yeah. [inaudible] name is <laugh>,

but you, it it’s the, it’s the same concept, right? It’s like people are waiting for this because they believe in it.

Like how, how does that feel and how does that lead into, how does that lead into the confidence of knowing that you can put so much on the line to have a successful launch? Because you’ve, you were telling me, you know, as, as you were getting ready for this, you’re just like, I’m gonna make a ton of money on Veterans Day. Like, I just remember, like, you kept bringing that up, and I’m like, yeah, man, I’m really proud of you. Like, it’s gonna be awesome for you. And, and it was there, there’s this, there’s this theme about entrepreneurship where you can like shoot for the stars and you believe in it, but you still have this little bit of doubt like you were resolved that you knew it was gonna work. How much of that messaging and like building that customer rep, you know, do, do you really feel led into you being able to really do this?

Yeah, I, I, I mean that, that’s everything, right? Like, it’s the, the customers just love, love what we do. Otherwise they wouldn’t, they wouldn’t subscribe to our email list. They wouldn’t, you know, get, you know, 10 emails in, in 20 days from me all about this one product. Um, they, they wouldn’t buy. I mean, we, we, we manufacture something that you don’t need and charge thousands of dollars for it. You know, this is a watch, any mechanical watch is a luxury product at this point, and so many people have Apple watches or just don’t wear watches at all anymore. And so thi this business is such an honor to run, it’s so fun creating these experiences for people. That’s, that’s the way we look at it, is like, it’s not, it’s not just a watch. Like this is an heirloom, this is an experience, this is a, a curated piece of art that, that you wear on your wrist.

And I think that’s how the, the customers look at it. And because they look at it like that, it’s not just any old product. Like they want to know who’s making it, how is it made, where is it made? What’s the story behind it? Um, does the, the team stand behind their product? Do they love making this and that, you know, in this building, I’m, I’m the one that’s on camera, and so I have to, I have to say all those things and, and I, and I get to say all those things and, and that’s every time I interact with, with a customer. It’s, it’s just so fun to, to hear the story of like why they decided to buy this watch instead of a Rolex, you know, um, why they decided to get this as an heirloom for, you know, um, you know, for their family.

Um, a lot of these, you know, the military edition, we, we donate $500 for the sale of every watch to the Veterans Watchmaker Initiative, which is one of the only schools in the world for watchmakers and specifically is for us military bets. And so I actually have a lot of customers reach out to us after they make this purchase, or even if they purchase a different watch and they just say, thank you for doing what you do. And so it is confidence in that way, but it’s, it’s earned because, you know, um, if, if I got hate email all the time, or if customers were just like, or if, or if nobody bought these watches, um, I would have zero confidence in what we do. Um, and, and so I just try to showcase the love of that I have for this business and the love that, that my team has for making these products, um, as much as I can.

And I think that shows in, in the results of, of these customers that, that come out to support us, you know, every year on that day and, and every day when we make a new watch for our watch of the day program.

Hey, it’s RT. Thanks so much for listening to the Fast Foundation’s podcast. I want to see you in the room. I don’t want you to just be hearing my and our voices. Let me tell you about the Fast Foundation’s Mastermind. It’s a six month long program, and it’s our signature program. It’s how you join our community. Every time we talk about this amazing community of almost 400 people that have gone through our mastermind that we have here on the podcast that we hear from, and our mentors, all kind of stuff, all the guest speakers, the coaches, all the awesome things that we get to do.

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I really hope to see you in the room, and I hope to talk to you soon.

That’s awesome, man. I appreciate you expanding on that. And, and you guys, you know, right, this was a, this was an online launch, right? Just because you have a building doesn’t mean that like people were lined up, you know, waiting to actually check out. Like you weren’t even there, right? Weren’t you in Arizona?

Yeah. Yeah. We, uh, we did the launch from Arizona, um, which is always really stressful on like hot spotting to my laptop, Uh, from my phone trying to click all the buttons I need to do for launch and, and all that stuff. But we, we had a, a show, we, we go to the, the Fountain Hills Festival, the arts every year, and it just happened to also be on Veteran’s Day. And so, um, myself and a few of our team members, uh, were sitting in the tent during the launch, um, and, and trying to navigate, you know, other, you know, potential customers coming up and talking to us and all that stuff.

But, um, that’s the other thing you can do with, with email marketing is just set expectations to say like, Hey, there, there’s only one way to purchase this watch. And you go to at 12:00 PM Mountain Standard time on 1111, and you click by <laugh>. You know, like, you, you can’t buy this in person, you can’t call us to, to try to get you done faster. Um, we, we try and most of that is, is out of fairness and just trying to give everyone ample opportunity because we didn’t know, I mean, I, I was fairly confident that we were gonna sell, like totally sell out. And, and like I said, we only sold, you know, about half of, of the, of the 50, we almost sold out of the, the special edition. But I, I thought we would, I thought we would sell out faster just based on the reactions I was getting to the emails and the open rate of all these emails.

Yeah, there was a lot of people paying attention. Um, but we also changed a lot this year. So, so yeah, it’s, it’s one of those things where we do the best we can to set everyone’s expectation, um, and walk through it. And I do, I mean, yeah, I do all of that virtually. I do all of it via email. And that’s the other thing that makes me feel grateful is like every single one of these customers, or most of them purchase this site unseen, they’ve never held one before. Um, and so that level of trust that you have to have with a brand to swipe your credit card for roughly $10,000 without ever seeing this thing in person. That’s the other thing is, um, that, that we try, you know, Tyler and I wake up every day trying to figure out how to continuously build that trust with our, our customers and our, and our, our followers.

And the best way to build trust is just to be really transparent and open and honest about everything that you do. And so we try our hardest, and here I am doing the same right now, <laugh>

and, and that, and that’s it, man. And it, the key there too is consistency,


You, you launched, what’d you say, 2014 was when? Uh, this originally

2014 is when we launched on, on Kickstarter in 2019, was the first of this product. Yeah.

So yeah, I, I want to get as tactical as we can for the listeners, like what, what worked, what didn’t work with, with that context and story. So, you know, would you say that this year was a success compared to the other years more successful, less successful? Like how did it evolve? How did the launch evolve and what were some things that worked, maybe even, what are some things that didn’t work?

Yeah, so, um, email marketing is, is how we do it all. Um, and that’s, that’s what works, I mean, a hundred percent of the time, all the time, but it only works if you’re consistent. So one of the things we’ve done for the last four years is I built a, a segment of our email list, um, called the military edition waiting list. and when you go to that page of our website, basically /military, instead of just signing up for our general email newsletter, which has tens of thousands of people on it, you can sign up a waiting list that has at, at the first time in 2019. I mean, there was probably five or 600 people on that list. And that list got a heads up, they got lots more information. They got a series of emails ahead of time of like, here’s how to buy it, here’s how to order, all that kind of stuff.

Um, and my general list, and that segment has grown year over year. And so, um, you know, it’s just, it’s a numbers game, it’s statistics. And so if, if I have 50 watches to sell, and I had, like this year we had 4,200 people on that list, average open rate of about 31% on that email click rate, you know, bounces around all the time. But I, I tried to do the math of just like, okay, how many people do I need on this email list to be able to sell, um, that many watches? And when you look at the statistics year over year, the last four years, about 10% of, or what did that by the way? 1%, yeah. 40 out of 4,000. Um, so we’ve, we’ve about 1%, and that makes sense click rate wise, about 1% of the people that I sent that email to purchased in the first 10 minutes year over year.

And so first year that was, you know, just a couple dozen people. And then this year that was 40 some people. And so that’s really the key is over the last, I mean, really all 12 months of this year, not only have we been collecting all the pocket watches, manufacturing all of the other parts that we need, like building the product, we also have been building our email list and trying to get those numbers as high as possible, and also curating the email list to make sure that I’m sending really good content all the time so that people don’t un unsubscribe and they want to keep following law. And, and that all has worked really well. Um, and I send most of those automated emails, like personally, like I, I wrote them, got some help from the team, like creating the, the flows. And then, um, I basically encourage people to answer those emails, um, and ask me questions at the end of each email.

And that’s huge. That makes a huge difference. Cause I get people that answer those emails and ask me really good questions, and then I answer their questions directly to them. But then I put the questions that they ask in our frequently asked questions box at the bottom of the webpage and in future emails I’m saying, Hey, I got a couple questions about this. Here’s your answer. Here’s some other context. Here’s a video about that. Um, people, it’s, you know, people have questions, so the more you can answer before the launch, um, the easier that launch ghost.

Right. It’s awesome, man. I mean, that really was gonna be my, my last question is just like, what’s the one thing that can make for a successful launch, at least the way that you’re building it? I think, I know the answer sounds like email <laugh>, right?

Yeah. Email

that, that was the big one.

If, if you had two things, I would say email and video content. And that’s, and that’s the other thing that you and I talk about all the time, like my next year, my 2023 is how can I spend the most time in front of a camera on video just talking about all the cool stuff that we do in all our businesses and send the most emails to the most amount of people using that content. And that’s really what it was for, for the military edition, is we recorded and we brought in a professional, um, videography team.

Oh yeah. That videos so gorgeous. Show me dude,

videos that we made this year for the military edition we’re insane. Um,

like, but the first time you showed me when we were, when we were, when we were sitting together, you just got the, the, the cut.


I remember. I was just like, this looks like I’m watching a history channel promo <laugh>. It was ridiculously cool.

And, and, and that video, that video, yeah. And that video cost like, I don’t know, $12,000 to, to produce. Um, but now that’s, that’s evergreen content on, on that website. And for years and years,

and I mean, in in perspective, you saw one and a half watches or one of your big ones, you, you’ve paid you paid the cost of that back. But like, that’s the business that we built at CNC is like the power of repurposing your content and doing more with it.

A hundred percent.

Just the same way you said, like, just because you invest in one thing one time doesn’t mean it has a half-life and a dice, right? When you post it, you can clip that, you can reuse it.

You’re gonna have so many people a year from now that even forget that they watched it this year. You just send the same video again, maybe update it, slight little tweaks, things like that. There’s so many opportunities when you invest in something once that you can do more with it later.

Yeah. So that’s, I mean, those, that’s what worked. That’s what has worked. That’s what is gonna work. I mean, that’s really what we’re gonna talk about on, on this podcast. And, and I mean, every podcast I get interviewed for, it’s like, make more video content and grow your email list and send that awesome quality video content via email to as many people as you possibly can, and then rin the repeat and keep doing it. And that’s, that’s how we’re growing everything. But that’s, you know, in today’s virtual world, like I can’t hand you this watch in person.

I don’t, we make 50 of these a year. I, I i, it’s not like I can send one to 50 different jewelry stores so that everybody can like, check it out. That doesn’t make any sense. So we film some amazing videos. We, you know, show it on risks in videos, and we just distribute that to as many people as possible. And our chosen platform for that is, is, you know, YouTube and, and our email list. And I mean, it’s, uh, it just works. Um, and I, I can’t, I can’t talk enough about that. Um, but it only works if, if it’s like really consistent. You can’t just send one email and then hope it works. Like we have eight emails that are automated in the military edition, um, journey that all get sent, you know, after you subscribe to that waiting list. And then we have 22 emails in our main journey on, on the main website, and they get sent every few days, and they’re all just really informational about like, here’s, here’s what we do, here’s how we do it, here’s why we do it.

Um, here’s what we stand for. Here are the charitable organizations we support. Here’s a bunch of pictures and video of all these watches, so you can check it out ahead of time. And then, yeah, we try to write those really personally and then ask like at the end, like, do you have any questions? Answer this email. We’ll get right back to you. Um, and that’s how we, that’s how we sell. We don’t have salespeople. We just try to put amazing content on our website and out via email and then answer questions.

Just being the biggest fan for your brand and talking about it every opportunity you get, right?

That’s it. Yep.

Well, dude, congratulations on an incredible launch. I’m always proud of you. I’m proud to call your business partner, but I’m also just, uh, I love learning from you when you, when you get creative.

I mean, there’s a reason that we do this together is, um, you know, you, you have these incredible ideas for how you can reach new audiences, you know, stretch out into new things, and it all just comes back to content, right? The more you can be the biggest fan of your brand, be consistent about it and put it out there, people are gonna pay attention and then the right people are gonna buy. So any final words, man? Uh, what was the, what was the website again? So can watch that video and, uh, they can just check out the email sequence if they wanna learn from how it worked for you.

Yeah, so it’s That’s V as in Victor, O R T I C And if you have served the US military or are serving use discount code military to get 10% off everything we ever do at

And thank you for your service. And the only thing that I’d like to plug is not any of these products, but, um, the Veterans Watchmaker initiative is why we do all this stuff.

Super cool. Charity, um, I loved our bottom ’em when you told me about it.

Yeah. They, they teach us military vets how to be watchmakers. And if you know anything about the skilled trades, there’s a huge skilled trade gap. We do not have enough watchmakers, machinists, plumbers, wood workers, craftspeople in the us, um, because people don’t know they can even do those jobs, and they don’t realize that a lot of those jobs pay just as much as the engineering job that I got outta school when I went to school for, well, I went to school for five years, but that’s a whole nother story. Um, but you can go to school for two years and make just as much as an engineer that, that went to a, you know, a four year school.

So, um, thank you to to that team there for doing that. And, um, and like one of, one of the emails i, I send is, is why we built the military edition, why we do it and, and how we give back. And as soon as we sell out of all the watches, we get to write a nice big check over to them and, um, create more opportunities for education and jobs. So that’s why we go

hope we feel good moment to, uh, to bring it all together. All right, brother, I appreciate you. Thank you for expanding on that. I’m proud of you for that massive launch and, uh, man, keep, keep pushing.

Thanks, Jim. Let’s go.

All right, until next time. See you guys soon.