Fast Foundations The Podcast Episode #55

Building a Thriving Community: The Art of Running a Successful Mastermind with R.T. & Jim

Show Notes

In this episode, R.T. Custer and Jim Carter unlock the secrets of running a successful mastermind and harnessing the power of community for personal and professional growth. They guide us through the importance and value of a mastermind and the core pillars of masterminding success: conversation and community. 

As the owners and facilitators of the Fast Foundations Mastermind, R.T. and Jim are well-versed in different methods for running a mastermind effectively. They share their insights on Vistage, one of the world’s leading mastermind communities. By breaking down the concept of “Issue Processing” as utilized by Vistage, these two share exactly how they successfully help entry-level entrepreneurs scale their businesses and elevate their journeys through networking.

The episode was created from content from Fast Foundation’s new community-based office hours featuring weekly educational topics and guided workshops. Listeners can sign up to join LIVE for next week’s episode on

In this Episode, we talk about

  • Exploring the value and importance of participating in a mastermind
  • Different ways to run a successful mastermind
  • The key factors in a successful mastermind: conversations and community 
  • How to facilitate collective learning and growth
  • What is the Fast Foundation Mastermind experience like?

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Key Moments

[00:01:25] What is a mastermind? Showcasing Vistage as an example.

[00:04:03] How Vistage utilizes “Issue Processing” to facilitate their mastermind

[00:04:42] State the issue/problem

[00:05:17 ] Clarifying questions

[00:06:48] Proposing solutions and ideas

[00:07:17] Facilitating Group Think; how Fast Foundations Mastermind approaches problem-solving

[00:07:49] Direct experience

[00:08:05] Shut up and listen! Getting the most out of group feedback

[00:09:45] Indirect experience

[00:10:18] Random Idea Time

[00:11:56] Experience the Fast Foundations Mastermind in person!



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