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You’ll also have the chance to expand your professional network and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, leading to potential collaborations and partnerships. And you will partake in immersive workshops and activities to help you thrive in 2023.

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During the Event

Jim Carter

At the cross-section of Impact & Technology, Jim has spent over two decades finding & applying creative and cutting-edge methods to use tech to make a massive difference in the world. Proud #girldad, lover of coffee, and dad joke aficionado, Jim will guide, challenge & unblock the biggest challenges you have in a simple & actionable form. He’ll also help you find ways to implement AI to do it all faster!

R.T. Custer

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, R.T. brings a decade of experience with consumer products, luxury brands, logistics, and marketing to real-world business. As a visionary, he leads the Fast Foundations program with pride & brings joy into every conversation. A father of two boys, R.T. will guide your Entrepreneurial journey by leading by example. 



Chris Harder

CHRIS HARDER is an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & Business Strategist.

As a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, Chris knows first-hand that doing good requires making good money.

When you step into your worth and start earning your potential, you not only change your life, but you can start to change the lives of others.

He’s helped countless clients earn six- and seven figure incomes, mostly by growing their personal brands!

He’s here to empower you to write your own success story, earn as much as you can, and use it to do good in the world. 


JESS jovanovich

JESS JOVANOVICH is a Manifestation Queen excited to show you what's possible!

Jessica Jovanovich is the founder of Strategy & Soul Coaching, an international business coach, a top network marketer, and host of the “Manifest Your Best Life” podcast. She’s a mama to 3 plus a blue Frenchie. She specializes in shortening the learning curve for digital entrepreneurs with a Strategy & Soul combo. Often referred to as the “Manifestation Queen”, she helps her clients own their power, operate with aligned action, and create the vibrant businesses of their dreams.



ALEX STREET is a Storytelling Wizard who will clarify your message.

Alex Street believes when you share your story you shape the world. As an actor, youth pastor, and public speaker for more than 20 years, he knows firsthand how powerful storytelling is when it comes to personal development, business strategy, and creating authentic connection with your audience. Alex has coached TEDx Speakers, bestselling authors, and 7-figure business owners to clearly communicate the WHY rooted in their signature story. He has a Masters in Theological Studies, is a husband of 16 years and dad to three Gen Z kids in Toronto, Ontario.



KRISTINA BARTOLD is a Community Building Expert ready to help!

Kristina Bartold-Sorgota is the CEO of The Social Snippet. She loves helping entrepreneurs and small businesses grow their communities online using social media and podcasting. Kristina has worked with over a hundred businesses to help them gain visibility on social media and lean into community to skyrocket their business!


STEVE fleiszer

STEVE FLEISZER is a Marketing Guru prepared to move the needle for you!

Steve Fleiszer is the Co-Founder and President of Space Creatorz, a full service digital marketing agency based out of Nova Scotia, Canada. He was inspired to create a business where work meant a happy, healthy experience that enhances lives rather than taking away from it with his partner Janette. Steve’s ability to provide clear, compelling and concise messaging can be seen first hand through his regular posting of insights and thought provoking questions on LinkedIn, his skill to condense meaning into a few words is inspiring.

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Step one is always to GET IN THE ROOM. We say it all the time, but there’s nothing like in-person immersive experiences and the only way you’ll know what that feels like is to join us.

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Once you sign up, we’ll connect you to our coaches and mentors so we can learn about you and your business before the event and craft our education and experiences around exactly what you need.

RT Custer, Chris Harder, Jim Carter
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When we meet you in person, we’ll be able to dive right in and start helping each other grow. We curate an intimate event where everything’s on the table and everyone feels welcome to share anything.

A rising tide lifts all ships.

We are all here to help

You'll be surprised at how much help you get, but even more proud of all the help you can give.




(the VIP Program is available after you register for the masterclass)

Your very own copy of The Greatness Mindset

We’ll mail you a copy of New York Times Bestselling Author, Lewis Howes’ latest book The Greatness Mindset: Unlock the Power of Your Mind and Live Your Best Life Today

A $30 value!

By applying the lessons and strategies found inside The Greatness Mindset, you will be able to design the life of your dreams and turn it into reality.

The Greatness Mindset: Unlock the Power of Your Mind and Live Your Best Life Today by Lewis Howes

WIN A FREE Seat to the next Fast Foundations Mastermind!

The Fast Foundations Mastermind is one of the greatest personal development programs ever created! One lucky winner will be invited to join the next round, and the over 400 alumni in our community! 

A $7,495 value for (1) lucky VIP ATTENDEE *

Whether you’re about to make the jump and launch something new, working on side hustles and want to take those full-time, just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey and struggling to scale, or you have a growing business but want more joy and profitability, we are here to support you. Don’t continue on alone, get in the room.

* You must be present during the event to win


Why watch silently from the sidelines when you can actively participate in this incredible LIVE event by unlocking the Zoom chat feature and diving in head first!?

VIP attendees will have the chat unlocked and are invited to ask questions and communicate directly with the guest speakers and hosts!

Access to our Exclusive Online Community before and after the event

Join like-minded entrepreneurs, share experiences and carefully curated resources, and tap into a network of experts in their respective fields.

VIP ATTENDEES get access to our Private Mighty Networks Community and be surrounded by a select group of entrepreneurs who are committed to the road to success and eager to share and learn from each other.


Three Months of Dedicated Support [Included]
Three Months of Coaching  [Included]


In-Person Event with:
A Private Estate Event Space to Connect & Grow [Included]
Professional Headshot for Social Media Content [Included]
Workshops With Our Coaches [Included]
A Huge Celebration Dinner [Included]
Q&A With Chris Harder [Included]
Lunches & Beverages [Included]
Swag Bag & Gifts [Included]


Countless Trainings in our Resource Library [Included with Membership]
A Community of nearly 400 Alumni 
[Included with Membership]
Access to All Future Recordings [Included with Membership]
Access to All Future Trainings [Included with Membership]


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The Time is now to get in the room. You know you are worthy. Let's get you ready.

Mark your calendar for the first week of October.

Book your flight to Phoenix, Arizona.

Reserve your room near Paradise Valley, Scottsdale.

Pack your notebook, grab your favorite pen, and get ready.


A: We reserved a beautiful private estate in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona for these three days of learning and growing together.

A: We recommend flying into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX). Remember, you need to be in the room by 12pm Tuesday October 3rd, and our celebration dinner will run late into the evening on Thursday October 5th, so we recommend leaving no earlier than Friday morning the 6th.

A: Once you get your ticket, we’ll send a list of nearby hotels, and provide the location for the event if you want to get an AirBnB close by.

A: Early Bird Pricing ends September 1st, but we only have 20 total tickets for this event and we expect them to go fast. It’s not often we do an event this small, and it’s rare to get this much one on one time with our coaches, mentors, and especially our keynote speaker…

A: Yes. We provide lunch on the 2nd and 3rd day, snacks throughout the event, and we always throw a big party with dinner on the last night! You will be on your own for the first two nights of dinners (we recommended planning time to have dinner with your new friends), and we recommend eating before you arrive on the first day so we can dive right in. If you have any food allergies, please make sure to let us know so that we can have what you need ahead of time!

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