Fast Foundations The Podcast Episode #25

How Your Environment is Impacting Your Success with Amy Ledin

Show Notes

Your environment and the people you surround yourself with can be the biggest factor in your success. Putting yourself in rooms with like minded people who are going after their dreams gives you the support and drive to continue to go after your own!

Amy Ledin talks with us today about how joining FF has helped her both professionally and personally. We also touch on how important community is and how cultivating one can catapult your business and development. Surrounding yourself with people who motivate and inspire you can help you grow in ways you never thought possible!

Amy shares the ups and downs in her journey and what has helped her the most. She also gives us some amazing tips on ways to connect with people even if you can’t join a mastermind right now.

In this Episode, we talk about

  • The extraordinary benefits of building community.
  • Environment is stronger than willpower.
  • Amy Ledin’s 15 for 50!

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Key Moments

03:00 How did FF help Amy?

06:25 Environment is stronger than willpower.

10:40 What is Amy’s inspiration for her podcast?

15:00 FF Mastermind- get in the room

17:10 Community pushes you to go after your big ideas

20:50 You’re the most creative outside your comfort zone

24:30 How do podcasts create connections?

28:00 Amy’s go-to for inspiration.

31:40 How important is personal development for Amy?

34:00 Personal development helps your business too!

34:40 Amy’s 15 for 50!

37:00 Do the work for the long game!

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AMY LEDIN (00:00):
If people only knew the power of like your environment, I mean this is, I really, really teach a lot about environment being stronger than say like willpower an en an environment being part of your identity shift. That they actually believe that that will fast track you more than anything that if you can just get in the room with other people, it doesn’t matter how great. Like I’m a really disciplined person, I have all the habits, but the belief that you get by being around other people that are having success and I saw it with my cancer, like you’ve gotta find proof out there that it’s being done and your brain will suddenly just like guide you. And it’s where like a lot of this manifestation, you’ve gotta have some proof in your brain there to see that this can happen.

What is keeping you from growing your business to the next level? I’m Jess Burgio, one of the hosts here for Fast Foundations, the podcast between the three of us, my co-host Jim, RT and I have grown several businesses scaling Beyond Seven Figures. And you know what? Not a single one of those businesses came with a blueprint for years. We poured time and resources into our businesses from salons, tech companies and product-based businesses navigating success and failures on our own. For all of us though it began to change in 2019 when we found a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and industry leaders to mentor us. That community was fast Foundations just like the mastermind we’re bringing on experts and having discussions to give you tips to not only improve the foundational skill sets you need, but to also fast track your growth. We’ll dive into the core pillars of what will make your business succeed. Whether you have a brand new idea that you’re looking to turn into a business or you’re already a successful entrepreneur looking to scale, this community is here to take you to the next level. Let’s dive in.

Welcome back to Fast Foundations the podcast, it’s Your girl Jess Burgio with another amazing, amazing guest for you guys today. I’m so excited because um, Amy Ledin was in the very first round of Fast Foundations, the mastermind with me and she’s gone on to do some amazing, amazing things. But before she joined Fast Foundations she was already running a seven figure business and creating tons of momentum in her industry. So Amy, welcome to the show. We’re so excited to talk to you today.

AMY LEDIN (02:14):
Hey there, thank you for having me on. I’m actually so excited because I always wanna like share something that I absolutely loved it as a part of my life. So anytime whether it’s been Chris and Lori, you know anyone that’s been related to Fast Foundations, I’m like, have me on please because I do wanna share everything that I gained from it.

I know it wasn’t it and it was such a magical time. And can you tell us like where were you at in your business? Did you already been doing so much? So walk us through what business was like long before you discovered this mastermind.

AMY LEDIN (02:42):
Yeah, so you know, I was really fortunate that we were early adopters and I say we, me and my husband have a brand together, lean Bodies Consulting and we’ve been around for 17 years. So most of our audience has been from like the forum days to then now Facebook and we were in Chris and Lori’s of Elite Mastermind where you have to be making I think above like 500,000. And you know, we got right into that. I’ve always seen the power of being in anything where you have like-minded people but we realized that we made a lot of money at a hobby and by hobby meaning we didn’t have the systems, we didn’t have anything in place. And so while we were in that and we’ve been well established, you know, I’m so glad that I was able to set my ego aside and be like, what is this fast foundation Now I originally signed up for it because I was pivoting like we have our Lean Bodies consulting, but I was building my own brand.

I had a podcast and I was working on mindset. I’m like, you know, maybe if I go to Fast Foundations it will help me really like set my avatar and like all of these things that I really just didn’t have clarity on. But what I learned through it all was it ended up benefiting both of the businesses. Like it helped me pivot and helped me really like see what other people were doing. And that really just built my confidence because these were a lot of startup people. But then it also, as I went through all of the things that they were teaching, I’m like, we’re not even doing this now and we don’t have this offer now. And so it really, it helped us build the systems and existing business and then it really helped me just more than anything. I mean yes I need the systems, but it was like meeting the like-minded people. You can’t get that in like a course you just take online. Like it has to be the in-person. I mean I have lifelong friends now, you know, from this. So that’s kind of what it’s taken me through, you know, since being in best foundations.

Yeah, I know. And that’s one of those things that people sometimes think, oh I already have a successful business quote unquote either by the numbers or if I say they have a membership base of something like you do with like all of the consulting stuff or the gym or the workouts or you know, but there’s always, if you built in a time where there wasn’t really a lot of like online online stuff, like there is now, you did a lot of it by yourself and you, like you said, it was like a, a hobby that just happened to make really good money. And when you can pull the ego aside like you did, like you just said, that was so beautifully said and get into community and see what, how, how is she successful or what is she doing or what are they doing that I could be implementing in my business.

Not only do you give yourself that opportunity to 10 x what you’re already doing, you might make it even easier for yourself than what you were doing currently. I think that was totally key for a lot of people who came in there thinking they were just gonna easily scale and grow. They were like, whoa, wait a minute. Like if I implement some of these like base like automations and like systemize some things and get a little bit more of a formula together, like I actually don’t have to work merely as much as I have been.

AMY LEDIN (05:33):
Totally. It taught me so much about that. Like I’m like, oh my gosh, you know, even if I got one new app to use, I know that sounds so simple, but in a world where like, I mean the internet is just, it’s too much information. Okay, you go to the app store, it’s too much information. I take everything based on referral. If someone has a new video editing app that was worth my fee to go to certain things, like I just got back from a product event then I was there for two days, I walked away with two things. That’s, I mean I was, I knew already the game like you’re going in to meet connections like sure I’ll learn some things but if I walk away with one thing and a new connection, it’s been worth it. So that was the same with Basketball Nation, just getting in the small groups and when we started to do like the problem, you know, solving for each other, like I got so many good apps, good resources, good connections, that saved me hours of time doing my own research.

Yeah. And you touched on something even more important in this entrepreneurial space, friendships. You know, the very first episode, I think it was episode one or two, Jim, RT and I sat down to talk about why we got into fast foundations and I literally at the time did not have an online business of scale. I was in my brick and mortar doing hair slanging, all that, doing those things. But I knew that I needed to be around other like-minded people to like have conversations to pour into because I don’t like to do things alone. It’s gets lonely. Yes it entrepreneurship, it can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be because there are other people in communities like this that you, like you said, have walked away with such best friends. And we all, literally everybody that I I’ve ever interviewed or had conversations with has walked away with at least one to five to you know, good, good friends but then also like a plethora of people they can reach out to at any given time that have different insights on, on how they help each other. And that’s literally everything to me.

AMY LEDIN (07:18):
It is if people only knew the power of like your environment, I mean this is, I really, really teach a lot about environment being stronger than say like willpower an en an environment being part of your identity shift. That they actually believe that that will fast track you more than anything that if you can just get in the room with other people, it doesn’t matter how great. Like I’m a really disciplined person, I have all the habits, but the belief that you get by being around other people that are having success and I saw it with my cancer, like you’ve gotta find proof out there that it’s being done and your brain will suddenly just like guide you And it’s where like a lot of this manifestation, you’ve gotta have some proof in your brain there to see that this can happen. And so that alone, like I truly believe that you should always be in a mastermind.

That’s just my opinion because anytime, and it was funny, Eric and I were just talking about this the other day, this is like our first year that we, we moved one house and a second house from Canada so we, we didn’t do it and we actually think it was our biggest mistake because I find that that temperature, that identity temperature has come down a little bit. I mean I do fortunately still speak with Leslie Logan. That was in first year fast foundations. We talk every other Saturday. We really keep it like we’re friends but it is a business call where the first 30 minutes I discuss my problems and things and her 30 minutes and then we like help each other have some accountability and then get off the phone. But if I didn’t have that, it would be really, really lonely in this world.

Like she pushes me, she drives me, I see what she’s working on and I, you know, do the same because it’s really easy to not shift your business forward by just managing the day-to-day tasks. And if you do have say like a fast or a mastermind, you’re a part of like just knowing you have to meet. Like I know in the elite mastermind Chris would make us, um, at the beginning we had to say what our goal was and whether we were gonna like give ourselves a reward or a punishment. So I’d say like, okay, by the next time we meet in three months I have to have my podcast launch. If I do not meet that goal, I have to sell one of my purses was one of mine that I had to sell. You know, and some other other person might be if I make my goal like I do better with punishment.

But like we had to learn that. But have we not had that? You better believe no way. I had to stand up in front of everybody. Like I’ll be the first to say people think I’m like this strong person. No, no, no. I am weak as shit. I just have accountability in every single area of my life. I mean I post on my story saying I’m doing this this week, this is for me guys, I’m sharing this cause I need to be accountable. And so I just think everyone should always, I think it’s why people repeated fast foundations because you know what? I’ve already got the information but I need these people around me. period.

Well, and even though you know the information, like you said, we’re so inundated with information sometimes you learn so many new things, you forget the things you learned in the beginning and then you’re not implementing those original things that you knew were gonna help change your business or your life or whatever. And so having those people hold you account, hey remember, hey remember and were you in when Keeley Kra said she was gonna sell her G wagon if she didn’t do X, Y, Z or whatever it was. I was like, oh shit. Like that’s the like putting, putting your money where

AMY LEDIN (10:24):
yes, put It on the line like, do you believe in yourself or not? You know what I mean? That’s what really it really made me, you know, stop with like the, you know, the goals that you’re really not even like, you’re not even thinking about them. Like they’re just saying it all the time. You know, just never putting the action. And that was, it was, it was great. You know,

So funny that you and I are talking or at this very moment cuz we just had, I just had Leslie on um, on the last recording that I did and. Was like already pushing me and holding me and she’s like, let’s get on the call. You gotta talk to Brad about your podcast. We’re gonna help you, da da da da. I’m like, this is what I need too because you’re right. Like even just hearing you say what you did, I get so stuck in the day today, shit that needs to get done. That for me, if, if I’m not, if, if I’m not part of something and I’m not continuously having to show up for the call or the meetup or the I, I said I was gonna do this by this certain date, you start to take your foot off the gas and that’s when the slow way down and no one’s really paying attention to you so no one really cares but you and like you said, you get on doing your stories. I’m talking to myself when I get on there too. Same thing. That’s why I think people listen to podcasts because they don’t always have that community to lean into. So I wanna talk about, because your podcast, you guys just, if you know me at all, you know why I love the name of your podcast, <laugh>. I’m a legend podcast because I, I’m like I couldn’t love you more. So tell us a little bit about your podcast.

AMY LEDIN (11:45):
Well my podcast is called F* it it and uh, I did this on purpose. You know, I grew up in a really pretty strict Mormon home so it was a play on words but it was also a little bit of a dig to the judgments I used to make on people that cussed like my old self. Like could not get past that because I was just in this really deeply religious, you know, upbringing that you could not be like a Christian if you swore. And then I met Christina Laure from Fast Foundations and blew my stack cuz I’m like, this girl like is sold out for Jesus and says fuck, like what the hell my brain was, I met her, I go, you were triggering me so much <laugh> And we ended up like having, you know, cuz I’m all about working through like my own stuff, but sure Fing is, um, it stands for faith, forgiveness, family food, fitness and Formula.

Um, I wanted it to be about everything. You know, I’ve had a really colorful past, you know, I had a marriage ending affair that was very public. I also, well I got, let’s just start, I got pregnant in high school so I had a teenage pregnancy place for adoption. Had to deal with all the unworthiness, all of that, getting older, got married, had an affair because it still hadn’t dealt with my own shit and still looking for other people to give me the approval. Then I got diagnosed with stage four non-small cell lung cancer, which has a less than 1% five year survival. So I kind of was like, I need to do a podcast because I have a ton of different areas in my life that I feel like yes, I’m still always working at them, but I’ve really overcome, you know, a lot.

And that used to be a hard thing for me to even celebrate until again you get around people that really believe in themselves and they really like, it’s not, it’s not silly to like believe in yourself and be proud of yourself. And I think, you know, it’s when people don’t feel good about themselves that they have to bring you down. And when I started to be aligned with people that like I’m cheering them on just as much as they’re turning down, I realized I did have, you know, a lot to add. And so I started my podcast. I think I have like 175 episodes now. I do a lot of short ones. I do interviews still cause I love that to have people on. But my big jam is short when I call software updates because a lot of this need the touchpoint of more than just like once a week.

It’s like going to church, like people that just go on Sunday, like you gotta live it too during the week, right? Like you can’t just have, you know like go okay I’m gonna be good to my neighbor and then leave the parking lot and road rage someone like come on now. So it’s the same with mindset. You need the constant, you know, reminder that you know you can do this and you, you know, and just setting aside those, you know, our obstacles. So, um, I love it. It’s like my one fun place because it’s you know, outside of the business and I put no pressure other than I gotta show up twice a week for it, you know, and they will add back to bounce foundations. When you were talking earlier, this is super important. I think people that have a side hustle, this is like the must because here’s the thing, if you were stuck in your business, and I think of you too cuz you were like me where we’re putting so much into our main business, which for me was Lean Bodies consulting cuz it’s where the money’s being made.

It is very hard for people to pivot because you’ve gotta put some extra time when you’re already an entrepreneur in your original business. So my advice is join it because even the few days that you’re there, like when I’d get back to my hotel room, I would work on my stuff because then when I went home I actually had a lot accomplished that would’ve taken me months on end to do, you know. And then second to that it was getting a few referrals, you know, like through the actual program that I ended up hiring brand builders that helped me really launch even quicker. Like so you get all these little things, but I did think of the person listening that’s like, well I don’t have a business yet, you need to do it. This was like, because I made it a point to, I did not take money from L B C to to do this. I wanted to see if I would on the side take that money, invest it into doing fast foundation. So it was like a little bit scary to put the money out because I’m like, I have to hope I get this back, you know? So I took like a little loan from our primary business so I could really see on the other side of this. I launched my d a C course, you know, I launched all the things that I thought I was gonna do and made that money back.

RT CUSTER (15:55):
Hey, it’s RT, you, thanks so much for listening to the Fast Foundation’s podcast. I want to see you in the room. I don’t want you to just be hearing my and our voices. Let me tell you about the Fast Foundation’s Mastermind. It’s a six month long program and it’s our signature program. It’s how you join our community. Every time we talk about this amazing community of almost 400 people that have gone through our mastermind that we have here on the podcast that we hear from and our mentors all kind of stuff, all the guest speakers, the coaches, all the awesome things that we get to do. It all starts with the Mastermind. It’s a six month long program with two two day in-person events, one’s in Scottsdale, one’s in Denver. Yes, they’re in amazing beautiful places. We have them in cool spots because that’s fun.

We also give you six months with a coach one-on-one. And the most important thing is once you go through that mastermind and you learn from all these amazing speakers that we bring in, learn from your Coach, grow with me and Jim and the rest of our team, you get lifetime access to our community. Every single thing that we do is recorded and uploaded into a private platform off of Facebook, off of the social media’s, all that kind of crap. And it’s saved you one place that you have again, lifetime access to. So when you join the Fast Foundation’s Mastermind, which you can learn more about at and click on join the community to apply when you join this mastermind, you are in our community for life. I really hope to see you in the room and I hope to talk to you soon.

Yeah, that’s so funny. I did the exact same thing and you’re not the first person to say that. Like I told myself I couldn’t pay that back until I did it with that business. And similar, I started, I didn’t have an online business to scale, which was kind of the base requirement of Fast was supposed to be an online business that you were looking to scale. Um, but I knew that I needed to shift into that and, and give myself the opportunity. And same thing every time we’d get into person, in person, it was the ideas that I had that were so small that I just barely wanted to whisper that someone was like, that’s a great fucking idea. Shares also how I help you and I know someone else who could help you. And so it’s just that like spiral of hope that you get rather than like a downward spiral of, oh, everyone’s already done this, I can’t do it to the market’s too saturated. Like you and I jumped into podcasting, I didn’t even know there’s only a 20% span of like women doing podcasts. So it’s like wow. Uh, a niche for women to get out there and share their message and talk about things that are important to them. So, you know, without all that, who is to say you’d even have started the podcast and, and and, right? Say me neither. Me neither.

AMY LEDIN (18:36):
1000%. Yep.

<laugh>. I know. It’s so wild to think like what one decision can make, you know? And you, you mentioned Christina Leor, she’s my favorite of like, just decide, make a fucking decision.

Exactly. Do it.

Do it. And that’s one of those things that like you, you literally like are somebody that I admire so much because no matter what, like you find ways to be resilient. It’s not just like, oh I am resilient. Oh I am strong, no pitch. Like I have had to figure out ways to find the support, to get the strength, to continue to do the things. And yes, you know, I’m not thinking that you have to do everything on your own. That’s just not the way we’re meant to do things.

AMY LEDIN (19:14):
No, we did that for years and years and years and Eric and I are like, it is collaboration over competition. I don’t even care if you have the exact same business. I mean macros with Emma, you know, Emma Montgomery, like her and I have various, some, our LBC is pretty similar. We have helped each other over, you know, when she first was getting ready to go online, I’m like, I will give you everything you want me to send you, whatever. And vice versa. And not it’s, it doesn’t matter. I’ve had people in the same industry on my podcast and plug their product because I have an abundance thinking that, listen, if you don’t vibe with me, I definitely want you to vibe with someone else as a coach. Cause coaching is super individual that I want you to like me or l you know, or like them and I’m gonna offer you people that I feel are right.

Their core values aligned. And that was like with Chris, I knew coming in Jin his podcast cuz we’d been in Andy and em, you know, we were in Andy FRAs, our team, we’d paid a hundred thousand dollars to be in that mastermind that year. Then we were also in the elite mastermind. But the reason why I liked Chris so much is he attracts the values that I have. The core values. He is very abundant thinking. He is very generous with his, you know, offering you his time. It was just like, and it was crazy is guess what, everyone ends up joining those circles. They have the same, that’s what attracted them to them to begin with. So listening to him on his own podcast is what made me even sign up like for Fast foundations. And I’m like, I like everything that he stands for.

I don’t even know if I need this product necessarily, but I need to get in this guy’s circle. And then from, you know, it was like from there we were, I wanted to do everything around them. So you, you definitely start to then attract those same people as well because now you’re living this new aligned core values and so you start to get the connections that you never would’ve had. I mean I’ve, I’ve had so many blessings from being a Masterminds mine. I had Ed Mylet on my podcast. That would’ve never happened. You know, my own personal mentor is John Maxwell now. And that is all because I shared on my podcast that my dream would be to like meet him from there. Someone reached out, I met him for, he had me come for lunch from there offered. He said, I wanna be your mentor for free.

Like I wanna help you. And I’m like, are you kidding me? Like he calls me like it’s in like pinch me. This would’ve never happened without collaboration. Because if you never share your dreams, then they’re never really going to exist. And so if you’re not sh like this is where that mastermind held us because everyone sits around. Like I even stayed in a hotel with the girls, something I would’ve never done. And now I always tell people, do it. Go all in on something because you will totally get uncomfortable. And that is when I find we’re the most creative, you know?

Yes. And it unlocks things that you have been keeping inside that you have wanted to share for years, but you don’t have anybody to share those dreams and goals with because you know, either someone will say, oh that’s you, you can never do that. Or Why would you wanna do something like that? Or you’re already like, they’re in, in these sort of spaces. People are just like, yeah girl, let’s go. Let me help you. How can I help you? Or maybe let’s not a enough dream, let’s dream bigger and do bigger batter things. And like totally

AMY LEDIN (22:18):

It literally like gives me chills every time I get to have these kind of conversations because it just re reminds me of the power of community and being around people who not only are like-minded because a lot of us were so different, so, so different, like came from all walks of life, had different things

AMY LEDIN (22:32):

Going on, different businesses, different experiences. But those are the things that, like I’ve never talked to this type of person about this. What’s their perspective and how can I take that totally to bring it back to my business and totally brings something fresh and new that no one’s talked about cuz they haven’t gone outside the box. So yeah, I think, I think, you know, doing these episodes we just pour into why masterminds are so important, but also podcasting. I love the the the avenue of podcasting because it’s something that you own. So like I’m deep into the box. Stuff right now too. I’m creating a course for foundational people who have never, who have have the ideas podcast. But they, they all it is, is maybe like a smidge of an idea or they think they wanna start one. So it’s a four week course from like idea to launch in four weeks. And I, I got this from Keisha Fitzgerald, she’s been running the course for a while and she’s kind of passing the torch to me. And I would’ve never had access to Keisha if I hadn’t joined the mastermind either. And the fact that like, you know, you put some skid in the game, people take you more seriously, right?

AMY LEDIN (23:30):
Oh my gosh. 100%. It’s kind of like I did a podcast episode with Christina, like right at the beginning it was like why I paid for my friends and it kind of triggered a lot of people. But I really wanted to explain that, listen, I knew that they’re invested just as much, even just even to friendships cuz I know that they’re more personally developed. I mean if you’re going to something like a mastermind, you’re already someone that’s probably reading some personal development books. You’re trying to become a better person. And that does relay over into friendships. So when I would look around, I’m like, all of these people spend a lot of money, you know, to come into circles. Like I really appreciated that and I already knew there was like a level of trust and just openness right off the bat because I knew that it wasn’t like they were trying to get some business out of me or trying to, you know, sell something or vice versa. Instead it was like, let’s all help, you know, if if things apply to each other and you wanna, you know, do some business, sure that’s fine. But for me, like, I mean I hiring a few people within the fasts foundations and I, I loved it, you know, I thought it was great.

I know same. I, and I still contin continue to watch that happen as each round goes. Um, and getting to see it passed off from Chris and Lori, the things that they create along with Nick and now RT and Jim kind of taking it and running in a different direction like that is the power of like getting in those rooms. And people do take you more seriously when when you show up. It’s like, it’s, it’s just something that you have to experience. And I’m sure if anyone’s dabbled in like a course or a program where it’s been in community like that, you see that, you kind of look at each other differently because you’re like, yes. You just have that commonality, that bond already before you even say two words to the person. You’re like, okay, we’re somewhat similar even if we’re completely different.

AMY LEDIN (25:04):
Yeah. And back to your podcasting, the thing, you know, if you’re not podcasting now and you’re thinking about it, this is the time because I will say, you know, you have so much intimate space with your guest because you’re in their ears. So they’re dialed in. I mean I listen to podcasts all the time, but I have been, you know, two times now it’s happened one time in like a local place here. So I kind of, you know, I was like, okay, I chalked it up as like maybe I just have local followers that follow the podcasts. Cause she saw me in Target and was like, I know you and the thing is they know everything about you. But what was really crazy was just a couple weeks ago I was in Orlando at like the outlet malls and we were just leaving the outlet mall and this lady comes up and she’s like, I listened to your podcast.

I know you. And she’s like, I’m from, she was from Prince Edward Island, Canada, like vacation. So the fact that we’ve been crossed paths, but I felt so amazing. But what I loved was, I knew that if she was a listener, she knew everything about me. Like she’d been listening, she knows all about, you know, and no wonder you just feel this bond. I mean the people that I listened to, I listened to Shalene Johnson, I’m even part of her. Like, she has like what’s called the ball you pay, I pay every month to listen to her private ones. But it’s because of the years that I followed her and that intimate connection, like I was glad to pay because I felt like she’s my friend, you know? And that is, I think the power of podcasting is I really respect and appreciate my audience cuz I know that they are not distracted by scrolling while they’re kind of, you know, they are literally dialed in in your ear and there is no better power than that. So, and it’s not too late to start. I mean, I’m so grateful that I started in 2020, but it is just now. I mean, I, I need people single day that have still never listened to a podcast. So if that doesn’t tell you something, I remember thinking, oh, it’s too late for YouTube, it’s still not too late. Like meaning it’s never too late. You’re gonna find the right audience that will listen to you.

And the cool thing about podcasting is you own that r s s feed like that, that’s your thing. Not like Instagram. It’s not like social. So if you’re brand new to growing your business, if you’re a brand new entrepreneur, even a think you don’t have that much to talk about, trust me, you are at least one to two to 10 steps ahead of someone who’s still just thinking about thinking about it. So podcasting is a great way to grow community and for people to get to know you. And like she said, like we, I’ve collab with everybody on my Beauty Inspires Beauty podcast is in the beauty industry is is like a what you would call competition in the coaching space or whatever. But why again, it’s like if I can do a good haircut and the girl next to me can do a good haircut, I can still show her my tricks to the trade.

Whoever she resonates with is, it’s the same thing at podcasting. But the cool thing is like people can listen to all the podcasts. It’s not just only, good. So yes, have something you wanna share, talk about or messaging like interview style is such a great way to go, like we’re doing right now. But then once you get a little bit more confident, you’ll, you’ll want to start doing those solo episodes because you’ve got like direct information you wanna get to your people. But this fun intimate way to, to get to create connection with people who they see you and they’re just like, I know you, like I know you, I know you. It’s so magical.

AMY LEDIN (28:05):
it Was really cool. I I really, I mean I’ve had my kids on, people feel like they know my family because I’ve interviewed my children, you know, my 20 year old now has been on a few times where we talk about like food shaming and I’ve, I may have let her interview me. Like, it, it, it feels like the people that are following you, they really get to know you and they watch you go through. I mean I’m really open. I’m like, I’m struggling right now, you know, and today I’m gonna share on this but it’s cause I went and read all this for me. I needed to remind myself of this. And you know, with stuff like that, you do feel like that intimate connection.

Totally. So where are some places that you get your inspiration and drive and motivation from to keep you going on like the hard days where it’s just like, I need a hit of something in order to just like get my mind rght. Do you have any podcasts that you listen to or books or people that you reach out to that we could have access to listening to? We could also get that same hit from,

AMY LEDIN (28:55):
I mean I, you know, a lot of the saying first and foremost, so my faith and, and having God, like I feel like I have a, you know, uh, a connection every day that, you know what, I don’t need any other love or approval from anyone else’s because I have his. And that’s just really helped me as I’ve kind of detached myself from foundational religion to like just having my own beliefs and that was really, really hard for me and it just really has helped through my cancer. But additionally to that, you know, I love like Ed Mylet, like I tend to be attracted more to the male coach. So most of the people in my, in my podcast realm are men. I don’t know what that is. Maybe there’s some stuff I’m still working on through my childhood, but I just tend to do better with male coaches that are kind of the no nonsense.

You know, I still listen to Andy Zes but back when he was doing the M F C E O, um, I mean I tell everyone go back to like episode one and go through those because he’s just, you know, hard charging. Um, but then I listen to the holistic psychologist. I would say she’s my biggest source cuz I believe that, you know, unless you’re really healing yourself and working on yourself, Nicole Lap Perra gives so much free information. She’s unbelievable. I was really blessed to actually work with her one-to-one coaching like before she like exploded. So, um, I will listen to anything of hers cuz I’ve realized my biggest probably slingshot in into success has been when I worked on me. I don’t, sabotage is nearly as much anymore. You know, I’ll still, I’ll still sabotage, but I’m getting back up that same day and that’s just been really healing like my inner child and working on like my mother wounded, my father wounded, those all actually take action. It can’t just be like lymph service therapy. So I would, you know, I would say Nicole’s a great one for anyone, you know. And then I listened to Chris and I listened to Lori, you know?

Yeah. So many good ones. I know I I I recently found, um, Nicole like just probably a year or so ago off of her funny ones where she’s like the two people in the, in the, in the she’s.

AMY LEDIN (30:52):
Is it not mind blowing?

She’s so good. And sometimes I watch and I feel so triggered and I’m like, I gotta watch this again. Like,

AMY LEDIN (30:58):
oh I’m, I’m

she’s so good.

AMY LEDIN (31:00):
i Didn’t triggered. I’m always like, I, I posed, I like, I tagged my daughter like one the other day where it’s like, are you not ever, I do everything around here. I work, I cook I believe and I text her and I said, I tagged her and I said, this has been me. Like you, you know, not, I’m not even talking 10 years ago like I am sorry. And it’s funny cuz Nicole will message me and she’s like, it’s, you’re, you know what? You’re doing the best you can and by being aware, like your children really will forget, you know, they will learn to. But it’s been a huge, you know, she’s a great one of them to go listen to. I mean, yeah, she’s triggering cause I’m always like, oh my gosh, I’m an immature parent. Like I read both the books. Like she tells you to read how to deal with emotional immature parents.

I first read that one I’m like, deal with, I mean how am I, I’m emotionally a, a mature parent. Like, then I read the other one, which was like how to, you know, not be that way. And I’m like, it’s been great. You know. And again, those all help us in business too cuz the less that we are, I always, because even the word triggered triggers me. So I now use emotionally activated, anytime I’m emotionally activated, I then know that this says so much more about me and I need to dive into it because it’s gonna affect me in business. Like I wanna be an even keel. Like things do not, you know, phase me because I know who I am. I’m really clear on my identity and the world right now where they’re really trying to confuse everyone and make you not even know who you are. That’s exactly their goal, you know? So it’s again, why you wanna work on yourself.

Yeah. I mean on a scale of one to 10, how important is personal development in your day-to-day? 11.

AMY LEDIN (32:33):
11? Yeah.

Yeah, I swear. You know, and that’s why like, it’s funny because a lot of times I, you know, I, I do the money, the m MLM money for my, my beauty business and people wanna like give, you know, MLM such a hard time and I’m like not here to plug or not plug. I’m like, it’s just the way that works for me and my business. And I’m like, yeah, anybody who doesn’t quite understand the, the, the basis of what MLMs are, I’m like, if you have ever wanted to dive into personal development on like a, a core level for a business, join an M L M for six months, inject all the personal development, do the business or don’t, but like be a part of all of the free resources that they give you to help grow you human. Like,

AMY LEDIN (33:12):
because They see the power in them. They know. It’s like any company, you know, I make, you know, our own coaches that work for us. Like we, when we have our meetings, it is so little about the day-to-day business. It is all about that. I am trying to build you up to become your best self and believe in yourself and have a vision and be clear on it. Because if you are not clear, we’re not going anywhere together like it. I just will see you not grow. And so if people only knew that’s like business 1 0 1 and I used to not do that. It’s like what can they do for us? I mean we’re getting them a job. Like that was just like 15 years ago. Now it’s like what can I do for them? How can I make them just a better human, not a better coach necessarily, but better you because we’re so quick to put, like, I used to put business fold down all the time and that was always my high priority.

The moment I shifted and made personal first me better. When I’m in my best shape, I’m actually doing the best in sales. It’s just hands down, you know, why I feel better about myself. It is not about my physique, it’s that, you know, sucky for me. But when I’ve closed my eyes and I’ve been had that alignment, my alignment shows me in pretty da good shape. And so becau it’s not for everyone. That’s why I saying to people, hey, if you and you close your eyes, you’re a size 12 and that’s where you wanna be, then that means you’re feeling your best. But we all know where it is first personally. And so for me, when I am like aligned there, I’m unstoppable because I know I’m keeping my word here. I can keep it everywhere else.

Absolutely. Absolutely. And you can reach levels of successes on paper that might make somebody think they make you feel good, but if you’re not in alignment with the other stuff, that personal shit, no amount, I know no amount of accolades or success will feel like anything. And that’s the thing I think that’s most important in, in entrepreneurship, right? Because if, if you have a regular job and you go check the boxes and do the things that might suffice for a while, but if you are on your own and you’re building a business and you’re not taking care of you there, those goals are for nothing. Because once you reach the next one, it’s never gonna feel like enough. You’re gonna want the next thing, the next thing, the next totally is you’re not right. Yeah. So yeah, tuning into people that just light you up, that make that motivate you and inspire you rather than make you feel, you know, Chris always talked about the negative propaganda and staying away from that. And you touched on the very beginning about your energy being such an important thing and that being your environment right is such a trigger for so many people and why they have success or they don’t. And so again, back to the mastermind being a place of a positive, healthy environment. What can people do? Let, let’s say they can’t access a mastermind right now. What, what, what if they don’t have the, the wherewithal to do that? Like starting With podcasts, jumping into books or, or classes.

AMY LEDIN (35:39):
Oh my gosh, [inaudible], I call it 15 for 50. It’s commit 15 minutes a day following the 50 people that you wanna be around. So I, I even have it a highlight on my IG stories. It’s like, but it’s so simple. Like I don’t even feel like I should share it. It’s literally taken index card, come up with maybe like the, your list of the 50 people because we forget this, this world is distracting you. So I take the card out every day. I start from the top to bottom on day one, the day two I’ll go cause I’m not, I gonna begin again through all 50. Cuz here’s what you wanna do. You wanna go to their account, you wanna like what they’ve for posting, engage with them, follow their stories. Like be genuine, don’t be a douche and like just do this to check the boxes off like legit go and learn about these people.

And then from there I go, I’ll start from the bottom the next day. So every couple days I’m really getting through that one. You’re going to be seeing what they’re doing and that’s going to help you absorb some of their energy. And two, when you do finally get connected, cuz you will, but this is the way the world works. You’re gonna already have a way deeper genuine connection that you just never know because I just know myself. Like I’m really not just gonna be become bessie’s with just some stranger, but these people that have invested over time and really getting to know me and following me and stuff, then it’s, it’s way easier, right? It’s just like a, a much more natural connection so that w you know, it might be a business you’re following. Like I usually gets like 25 to 30 of ’em are influencers and the others are brands that I know would align with mine.

So I can get some ideas because it will then start ruminating. Your content will be better, your, you know, and now your feed is all the things that you should be seeing. Like I just had to delete Twitter like last month because I was listening to too many politics and follow and guess what my whole feed was negative shit. So I deleted it because I know myself better than when I wanted to check out. That’s what I go see. Well now I have no choice but to check in because my entire algorithm is all self-development and fitness of influencers and people that you know are gonna help me. So you’ve gotta use like social media can either, you know, suck you in or you can use it and to your advantage. Like, but you gotta stick to like, I gotta take the card out. Like it has to be, I’m very disciplined because I already know that they’re spending billions of dollars to distract you every day on these platforms.

If you think that your brain is gonna be strong in the, in the little random, I mean I tape out my little dice, you know, I have those like timers, the CU timers, I sent my cu timer out, I turn on the 15 minutes. Cuz you also gotta know when there’s a timer involved, your brain will actually propel to be working. It feels like it’s on the time. So I set that timer for 15 minutes and when it’s done, I’m done. Like I don’t keep going. I get off that for that time and it’s really helped. I mean, I think it’s why I ended up like getting connected with some of the people that I have over time. Oh that’s, but it’s a long game. Don’t be doing it for the short game. Like you’re, yeah, you’re looking, you know, you can’t afford to be in the mastermind so you’re gonna do every, take their free courses, do all the things you can from the people that you wanna be around.

Definitely, definitely. And, and create room for yourself to get in there sometimes for free. Like I’ve gotten into $10,000 rooms by offering services like hair and makeup. Like who knew that that would be a way that I’d be able to get into a room. Um. I never knew, I never knew that was an option or a possibility and, and learning for the ask or to be in people’s circle, but having that genuine connection because you’ve been following someone and engaging in their content and like supporting them from afar. This is, I I’m gonna go back to this cuz I remember I used to do something like this a long time ago and I haven’t in a really long time. So if you take one thing from this episode today, you guys do <laugh>

AMY LEDIN (39:11):

Of 50 people. So 15 minutes a day, go like follow, engage with 50 people that you aspire to, you know, learn from. Be like, I love that you broke it down between like influencers and then brands that feel like they resonate with what you wanna do and who you wanna associate with. So, um, it’s a great way to curate what you’re seeing on your social media and stay away from all the other things that don’t light you up and make you feel some type of way. So get rid of the negative ones of bringing the new positive ones. Oh my god, Amy, I love you so much. Thank you so much for just pouring into this group. And I know everyone’s gonna get so much out of this. You guys go listen and subscribe to the Fett podcast because I know you’re gonna get tons more juicy, juicy nuggets from this beautiful, amazing woman. Um, any last party words for, for the ma’am?

AMY LEDIN (39:53):
Uh, you know, you’ve honestly just totally like light me up today. I’m like, I just wanna get off and go crush it. And I think that is again, just the power of being engaged. It doesn’t even happen, you know, it’s like having these conversations just really excite you and remind you of what we’re here to do, you know? So one more, you know, if you’re listening and you’re on the fence, like take the risk, invest in it, sign up for it and you know, if you’re thinking about doing a podcast additionally, jump in. I knew nothing, absolutely nothing and I managed to do it. So you can do

Yes. And now there’s resources out there. I have a free download. You can download a free resource I created if you wanna start a podcast for free. So I’ll hopefully fascinations don’t mind me plugging the podcast course because more of you guys need to get your message and stuff out into the world. And it’s a fun way to do it. You’re listening to ours, you’re meeting Amy, you’re, you’re connecting. Once you connect with her, she’s gonna introduce you to so many other amazing people. So, you know, take this idea and run with it. We are always supporting you here at Fast Foundations and, uh, sending you guys. so much. Love. If you wanna learn more about Fast Foundations and Mastermind, you can go to fast and uh, you got two of the OGs sitting right here talking to you about how amazing, uh, it shifted our life and created such beautiful friendships for us to have conversations like this. So, uh, we will see you guys on the next episode of the podcast. Take care.

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