Fast Foundations The Podcast Episode #24

Ditch Limiting Beliefs About Money with Anita Aguilar

Show Notes

Your mindset is your most powerful tool! Deciding that you GET TO create and live this life instead of having to is a good place to begin when changing your mindset.

Today we talk with Anita on how changing her mindset and joining Fast Foundations has changed her life.

She started in Virginia working multiple jobs and decided to take a chance on herself. She moved from Virginia to San Diego and chose to go all in on her dreams, no matter what it took. It was only then that Anita was able to change her life. There were no plan B’s and no turning back. She shares with us her story including challenges and fears that she faced as she built her life.

Do you have limiting beliefs about money? Maybe you have a dream life that you want to pursue but don’t feel worthy of it. Listen in to hear Anita’s tips on manifestation and changing your life.

Make this the first step in creating the life you have always wanted!

In this Episode, we talk about

  • The power of mindset.
  • Putting yourself in the room.
  • You GET TO create your life.

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Key Moments

02:30 Where was Anita before Fast Foundations?

05:30 How Anita pushed through challenges & fear to change her life.

10:20 What would you be doing if money weren’t an issue?

13:00 Anita’s takeaways from Fast Foundations.

13:25 Get in the room with Fast Foundations

17:05 How is Anita serving her community now?

19:30 Anita’s journey into money mindset courses.

22:25 The power of mindset

24:45 You GET TO create this life!

27:00 Where does your subconscious guilt originate?

27:45 Anita’s tips on manifestation.

30:00 Where did your limiting beliefs begin?

32:35 Breaking the generational cycles

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when you’re going through a really big shift, they all come up at once. But when you’re unaware, which is like, let’s say when you’re crossing the street and you’re just crossing without looking left or right, it can seem so personal that those things are happening to you. Like, why me? And it’s so normal. That’s why I like to share those things too because it’s like, oh no, no, no, your feelings are valid. Like this is how we’ve been programmed in our society, in our generations, our families. But once you are aware, it’s like you’re looking left and right <laugh> before you cross the street and um, it just makes things so much easier and you just get it enjoy and get more excited about things that are happening in your life opposed to just feeling like it’s all downhill. You know,

What is keeping you from growing your business to the next level? I’m Jess Burgio, one of the hosts here for Fast Foundations, the podcast Between the three of us, my co-host Jim, RT and I have grown several businesses Scaling Beyond Seven Figures. And you know what? Not a single one of those businesses came with a blueprint for years. We poured time and resources into our businesses from salons, tech companies, and product-based businesses navigating success and failures on our own. For all of us though it began to change in 2019 when we found a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and industry leaders to mentor us. That community was fast. Foundations just like the Mastermind we’re bringing on experts and having discussions to give you tips to not only improve the foundational skillsets you need, but to also fast track your growth. We’ll dive into the core pillars of what will make your business succeed. Whether you have a brand new idea that you’re looking to turn into a business or you’re already a successful entrepreneur looking to scale, this community is here to take you to the next level. Let’s dive in.

Hi guys. Welcome back to Fast Foundations of podcast Is Your girl Jess Burgio with another episode featuring one of our past alumni here to share with you their experiences in the Mastermind, but also it’s been such a treat cause so many of you have passed alumni I’ve gotten the opportunity to hang out with Talk to Work with, get to Know, and Anita is no different. She is a girl who is after my own heart. We come from a similar background and she’s got some amazing stories to share with us today. So Anita, welcome to the show. Hello. I’m so grateful to be here. I know know, it’s so fun. Like literally her and I could just talk about all the things for so long. But I’m excited to share you with the listeners today because you not only made a huge pivot in what you’re coaching and teaching on now with your business, um, I’ve got to watch it from like the very beginning, which is so, so cool.

And that’s what I love to share on this podcast because a lot of times we see someone’s like now and we’re like, oh, how do we get there? And we, we don’t get to hear or see the behind the scenes of like day one or let’s even go back before there was a day one where you and I were like, who am I to be part of a mastermind like that with those people? Because we’re not one of them. Um, we, we had all those stories and I know you did and you work through so much of that stuff and you now teach it to people so that they can get out of their own way and manifest the life and make the kind of money that they want. So take us back to where you were before you discovered Fast Foundation as a mastermind.

Yeah. Honestly it was so crazy because it was right before the pandemic, like literally right before the pandemic. And I had been listening to Chris Harder for I think maybe two years. Yes. So I had started listening when I was in Virginia and at the time that I started listening, I was just somebody who just had a lot of ideas but I was always working multiple jobs and like I never had enough money. I owed people money, my bank accounts were negative. I debt collectors called me like every single day and I just had a really bad relationship with money. And so once I started become conscious of this and when I say I became conscious, I mean that like hit me like a ton of bricks that something had to change. And once I got to that point is when I started to again be more open.

Cuz there was a lot of people along the way who always wanted to help me, especially cuz I was starting my makeup business. I was going to school, you know, I was starting for Postmates but I just really wasn’t receptive to any of the information that they were giving me. And then again, when I became open and I started listening to podcasts and listening to people who were in places where I wanna be is when I also started attracting those people in my like vortex in my life. And so that was when I was in Virginia. And so me making the move to San Diego was so scary. Like it was like the biggest thing I’ve ever done. I didn’t have a job, I didn’t have anything like lined up but my twin sister was getting stationed there in the military. So it was like my like such an easy I guess, transition for me if I were to go with her.

So I didn’t have a job. I literally am driving there listening to podcasts. I like a 12 hour shirt and I got a job as I was driving. Yeah. As I was driving I got a job in San Diego and I just started and become re really, I turned this new leaf. I said when I get there I’m gonna go all in. I don’t care how much money it takes, I don’t care what I gotta do, I don’t care who I have to meet. Like I’m gonna do whatever um, it takes. And I wanna put that like in the beginning of the story because I feel like that was a really big pivotal point when I made that decision when my external world started to move and shake to match up. So when I got there, I think I got there in September and so I was kind of like vacation for the cup first couple months.

And then when the new year came around in January, that’s when I started hearing Chris talk about the mastermind and I was like, oh. And I just kept like thinking about it but I wasn’t sure if it was for me or you know, it’s probably too late to join. There’s just too many like things that were going on in my mind. And so when I again made the decision, I was like I’m gonna go to this mastermind and um, and my external world started shaking like my car broke down just like a lot of, I, I don’t like to say that they’re negative things, but challenges came up when I, when I said that, um, you know, I’d like to think of it as just not a test but a lesson of learning that that’s what happens when you are saying you’re gonna do something and follow through with it.

And it’s just a matter of learning that so

well and when you know, like the universe sometimes throws challenges at you to see how bad you really want it because we can say we’ve made a decision on something, but how quickly can one little thing take you out of that decision? It can, you know, because shit happens all the time. Like, but if you’re in a better financial situation or if life’s a little bit different and your car breaks down, it’s not a big deal. You’re like, no problem, get it fixed. No problem. Call a tow truck. So it’s, it’s when those things happen, when you’re at a crossroads between this or that versus a situation where you’re, you’re getting to do all the things and if nothing really affects you cuz you either have the means or it’s not, you’re not in that same place anymore.

So I just wanna touch on that because I feel like a lot of people think all they have to do is make that decision and then things happen. But you have to be so rooted right in your decision that no matter what happens, <laugh>, I’m still gonna do the thing I said was gonna be the next on my list, which is was the mastermind for you. So sorry and I, and I wanna touch on too, share with everybody what your job was when you came to San Diego because you, you weren’t doing what you were doing before you, when you were in Virginia were you?

Um, so in Virginia, like I said, I had multiple jobs. I was bartending, I was starting my makeup business so I was, I did have makeup clientele but it wasn’t like to a place where, you know, I was enough to support me fully.

So I was doing Postmates. Um, and then when I got there I started freelancing for another bridal company and it was so funny cuz they manifested me, they needed somebody who was available who had my experience, who got, who went to school. And so when I like got there again it was just like a lot of like one thing after another like opportunities and then like it was different than what I thought I was gonna be doing cause I thought I was gonna be bartending cuz that was what was safe for me. But doing makeup is what I really wanted to do. So when that manifested, oh my gosh, I was just so stoked and it gave me the opportunity in the belief that I could do that too. Yeah. So when I made the decision that I was gonna join, I started seeing the angel numbers, which I’ve seen angel numbers a lot.

1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3. You know, you look at the clock or there’s license plate in front of you and I remember I was talking to my mom on the phone and I was, we would just kind of chat about it and we’d get excited about it. Um, and I was like, oh mom, it’s 3 33 when you called me. And then she’s like, oh my, my like stove was off and it says 4 44 or time cuz we were different time changes. And then the license plate in front of me said 77 77 like. All in one. Yeah, all in one moment. And this is when I was telling her that I wanted to join the mastermind. So that was just like my confirmation that this is the right step, this is the right step. But I was so nervous that like my body physically it made me feel like I was gonna throw up.

It made me feel like it was way too soon. You know, I’m not at a certain part in my career yet or financial or just like identifying as a coach or anything within that group. Right. I was just like a makeup artist at the time. So um, and then Chris is the one who messaged me and he sent me a DM and when he sent me a DM I was like oh my gosh, I don’t even wanna listen to it. I was so nervous cuz I knew again it was more confirmation that it was the right step for me. So then the next part in my decision was to get the money. And so that was the part where like a lot of um, where I really had to challenge myself in that moment and just see, okay, if I did have the money, would I go yes.

That’s all I needed to know in that moment, make that decision and then from there look at all of the possibilities. If I really really needed it, how could I get it? And that’s when things started to move and shake for the money too.

Right. And that was the first time you proved it to yourself in that sort of way that like you could figure it out and that if if need be, like you were willing to do whatever it takes to get there. And I feel like that’s something you coach and teach you like extensively now you always talk about that and you always give that analogy like if you were given a million dollars right now, like what would you do with it if money wasn’t an issue? Like where would you invest? Where would you spend your time? Like what would you be doing?

And I think a lot of times people know don’t even give themselves the opportunity to dream about those things or think about what they would really want cuz they’re so stuck in like what has to get done. Um, Versus like what they would be doing if they could. So that’s, that’s a really big deal and I think a huge part of your story of how not only you did it for yourself but then now you know, you’ve moved, you went through the mastermind, you learned all the things and in that space like wasn’t it just so amazing to kind of be around all those people that kind of poured into you and saw the strengths that you had and just kind of br they bring out all the good stuff in you. Right? It’s like you kind of maybe me sometimes show up like who might to be in this room and then you realize quickly like, oh I do have a lot of skills and I do have a lot of like things to bring to the table and these people are helping me see my my strong skill skillsets that I can use to then go on and be a coach or a mentor or do whatever the things I wanna do.

Yeah. There was just like so much like I hadn’t everybody on a pedestal and I’ve never really been around millionaires and like people even making like six figures. I had never been around somebody in that type of like mindset and it was so unbelievable for me. I’ve seen it online but my mind couldn’t comprehend it. So when I had that intuitive nudge, I think it was more of the fear of what if I actually do go opposed to the fear of not having enough money or not being able to make the payments. It was, I was so scared to step into that I was scared of being judged. I was scared of being like not accepted. And I think it’s important to, to put those things out because those were emotions that I was willing to feel and this this jump for me was just amplifying those emotions that I already had and I needed to work through.

And the only way you can work through them is if you go through them. So when I got there again it was like exactly what you said. Like I didn’t understand how people could have six figure companies and not know what manifestation was or the law of attraction or that their thoughts created their reality. I was like doesn’t everybody know this? Like I thought that was like a need to know thing in order to make money. So it just blew my mind. And I’m sure you’re conscious of this, of like when you’re talking about something you’re passionate about, you get the stare <laugh>, you know what you’re talking about,

get the crazy face, people are like, wow, you’re like really like you you, you really are in into this. And I’m like yeah, that’s how it is. When I used to do hair, people are like, you’re so you concentrate so hard. I’m like I’m in the zone. Like you’re just in that. oh

And oh it’s TT two my time.

Yeah. And I think it was the first place that I felt like I had permission to talk about those things. I had the people who were genuinely interested. There were people who didn’t even realize like this whole other world or the like, it was like what I would say would be a missing component of what they were going through and then vice versa, people who like I was so grateful that they stepped into their power even if they weren’t sure what it was yet there were so many people there who were like, I don’t know what I wanna do. That’s why I’m here cuz I like, I wanna get clarity on what my gifts are. You know, this is what I had an idea of what it was gonna be. And saying for me, I came in like as I makeup artist wanting to teach makeup artists but eventually started teaching money mindset. And I think that space just really gave me permission to step into that.

RT CUSTER (14:28):
Hey it’s RT, thanks so much for listening to the Fast Foundation’s podcast. I want to see you in the room. I don’t want you to just be hearing my and our voices. Let me tell you about the Fast Foundation’s Mastermind. It’s a six month long program and it’s our signature program. It’s how you join our community every time we talk about it’s amazing of almost 400 people that have gone through our mastermind that we have here on the podcast that we hear from and our mentors, all that kind of stuff. All the guest speakers, the coaches, all the awesome things that we get to do. It all starts with the Mastermind. It’s a six month long program with two two day in-person, one’s in Scottsdale, one’s in Denver. Yes. They’re in amazing beautiful places. We have them in cool spots because that’s fun. We also give you six months with a coach one-on-one.

And the most important thing is once you go through that mastermind and you learn from all these amazing speakers that we bring in, learn from your coach, grow with me and Jim and the rest of our team, you get lifetime access to our community. Every single thing that we do is recorded and uploaded into a private platform off of Facebook, off of the social media’s all credit crap. And it’s saved you one place that you have again lifetime access too. So when you join the Fast Foundation’s mastermind, which you can learn more [email protected] and click on join the community to apply when you join this mastermind, you are in our community for life. I really hope to see you in the room and I hope to talk to you soon.

I know, right? And what a concept to, to be in the situation you were when you were back in Virginia and like have the mindset kind of coming into San Diego thinking like, it probably was like a reset. I can come be, you know, in San Diego, be whoever I want, and then have the ability to like get your quote unquote kind of like dream job without makeup team and then fall into this mastermind and then realize like, oh shit, like this is something I could totally do teach to make up artists how to grow six figure businesses and do all the things. But there was this thing that I, I found that I knew this manifesting part of business that, wait, not everybody knows how to do this. Not everybody understands this concept. They think they have to grind and hustle and just like do things as a really hard sticky way.

Like you did if you hadn’t gone through all that, you couldn’t create what you did and you couldn’t talk to people who were where you were at before, right? Like if you just came from money, if things were just always so easy and you didn’t have to work all the ways that you had to, like you wouldn’t be able to coach and teach to the people that you do now, which you’re changing so many people’s lives by just embracing manifestation around money because it’s such a taboo topic even to this day. As much as we try to make it less, it’s still something that people don’t openly, Hey, so how much money have you got in your bank account? Oh I’m, I’m dead ass poor this week. How you doing? Like it’s not like what we talk about when we go get coffee. It’s the exact opposite almost on social media.

It’s like, let me look as put together and perfect as possible but not share with people what’s really fucking going on. Right? Like it it, it’s still kind of Mm. So to create a community and a podcast where you have real honest conversations about calling in money into your life because it’s gonna give you opportunities to do so many things. So share with us how you created, like I know you have different programs and things that you’ve put play and you have your own masterminds that you ran over the years and stuff that you’re doing. So talk to us about where you’re at now and all the things that you’re doing with people now.

Yeah, well it actually started from the experience that I had in last foundations. Everything that we did, just that whole three days I was like, I was like I wanna create this, I wanna create it.

But as soon as I got back that’s literally, I think I got back on the 16th and the 17th is when everything in in San Diego closed down cuz of Covid. So like honestly if I wasn’t in the mastermind what my impact during that time or when I was doing on a day-to-day basis would’ve been completely different because I was surrounded with people who were looking to give, how can we help serve our communities? How can we help give information? And I started hosting like free calls for makeup artists, just telling them about all the resources that we have available, talking about the fear that’s coming up, you know, just like really creating that safe space. And then from there again I had that moment where I didn’t, I was like, oh you guys don’t know this <laugh>. And then that’s why I started sharing something and everyone’s like, tell me more.

And I’m like, it was just this awakening of like, oh I can teach this, I can teach this. And when I had my coaches in fast foundations we would meet monthly. That’s when I launched my first program. They’re like, you should create a program. And I was like, I had that idea but I was like I don’t know how to do it. And so we like kind of got a framework and they really just held me accountable too because that was another thing I was just scared to do it. I mean logistics is one thing, but it’s like once you have the desire and the decision, everything else just kind of it, it comes up as as you go. So I made my decision and I launched my first program and I got two people in my program the first time I launched. And I just kept kind of looking at that and seeing what they actually like, why were they coming to me?

What were they learning, what were they implementing, what were they not implementing? And so eventually I just kept teaching and I was teaching makeup artists and one day when I was re getting re ready to launch my program again, um, I made video on TikTok about manifesting money opposed to just like content just for makeup artists. And it went viral. So it went viral and in that 24 hours that video went viral. Everybody kept asking how do I manifest money? How do I manifest money, how do I manifest? And I was like, oh well you know, I kind of teach this to my makeup artists and I’m familiar with kind of like how to make a program. So I literally just went online and I made this course in 24 hours <laugh> like off the adrenaline and then it went viral and then the, yeah that was my first like kind of product teaching money mindset.

And then I was like okay, I’m getting a little bit more comfortable teaching money mindset and you know, testimonies were coming in like crazy. But then people are like, okay, I got the money but I don’t feel worthy of receiving it. I can’t, okay wait actually that’s not what they said. They said I can’t keep it coming or I can’t manifest more, which is actually feeling worthy of receiving it. And I’m like, oh duh. That’s what I went through too. And so I started another program teaching that and then my third program, so I have three different tiers and the third program that I’m like implementing all the stuff that I experience from the mastermind, the safe place, the community talking about that, the resources from other people. If I’m not a strong student, something I bring on somebody who is um, is my academy where I teach people how to or become coaches while again implementing all of the fears I come web up with it.

Fear being seen, the fear of losing like everything that you’ve worked so hard degree and also really just expanding again on your, your gifts. Cuz we all have those gifts and it’s just a matter of like us taking that screen projector and putting it on ourselves instead.

Absolutely. Oh my gosh. Like, and you see people talk about creating viral content and often I think a lot of the stuff that goes viral has nothing to do with really what maybe they’re normally talking about or teaching on. And what a shift in your business though you were talking about it with your current clients and students. It wasn’t like the main topic that you were calling people in with. Because I’m sure in your, in your courses in your academy and program, you talk about all the same mindset stuff that you were talking about to the makeup artists before, but it’s just more in a manifestation, you know, role of that.

And we all have the same insecurities and, and around keeping and being successful. Like that’s such a normal thing that people deal with. Even I don’t care how far you’ve, you’ve made it quote unquote, like you still deal with some sense of like self-worth issues. Like we all have them. Um, but to have a podcast where it’s a safe space in a community where you constantly like fill people back up as to ways that they could really manifest the shit that they want. It’s not just money too. Like if you can apply it to make bringing money into your life, I’m sure you can use the same exact tools to call in whatever it is that you want in your life.

Yeah, that’s kind of what my last episode was about was how abundance isn’t just money, it’s opportunities, it’s people like the type of people that I have in my life.

It’s like what? This is amazing and experiences, you know, now I’m in New York, I see celebrities and I’m like, oh my gosh, that’s the only time it’s gonna happen. And I’m like, it’s like, wait, no that’s limited. That’s scarcely. This is the new norm. So it’s like once you have that abundant mindset, it just applies to all different types in your life,

right? And like you just said it, so you still think the thoughts sometimes, but now you just have an awareness around how to recorrect or re reframe the thought in your mind. I remember listening to Deepak Choppa talked to Oprah one time about him always being like in a, a war state or in like a peaceful meditation state and she’s like, so when someone cuts you off on the freeway, like you don’t get mad. And he was like, listen, <laugh>, like I’m aware that I just got cut off, but like I I, I’m also quickly aware to like re-put myself back into that meditative like place of what am I gonna do about it basically and like keep blonde with my day and let it ruin my day like most people do or you can reframe.

Um, and that’s all a lot of this stuff is, is like having the tools at your fingertips that are now like habits to, to go about your day. Cuz like I said in the very beginning, shit happens, cars break down, stuff happens in your life, like things that you can’t really plan for but if you’re set up to have those thoughts not take you out, like that changes everything and you stop blocking all the blessings that are trying to come your way.

Yeah, I I think it’s, and also in our community we now see those things. Like that money is coming cuz the law of polarity what goes up must come down. It’s always gonna be like that. It’s gonna be a challenge, like challenges that come up and usually when you’re going through a really big shift, they all come up at once.

But when you’re unaware, which is like, let’s say when you’re crossing the street and you’re just crossing without looking left or right, it can seem so personal that those things are happening to you. Like why me? And it’s so normal. That’s why I like to share those things too because it’s like, oh no, no, no, your feelings are valid. Like this is how we’ve been programmed in our society and our generations, our families. But once you are aware it’s like you’re looking left and right <laugh> before you cross the street and um, it just makes things so much easier and you just get to enjoy and get more excited about things that are happening in your life opposed to just feeling like it’s all downhill, you know,

whatever. It’s happening to you, not for you. Right. It’s, it’s hard when you get a series of things that are not in your favor to not to not take it personal.

You’re like, well, but shit, you know. But then like one thing I always like to remind myself and me and my girlfriends always like say to each other in, in, in good moments especially is like, we get to create this life. Like we get to create this life. We don’t have to, you don’t have to have gone viral and created something out of it. You didn’t have to help other people through your stories that struggled. Like you didn’t have to do any of that, but you get to and now like all of that stuff that was once something that like held you back is something that you can see in other people. Like no, like look it I did it, you can do it too. And I think it’s, it’s such a beautiful thing when you don’t wait until you feel ready to teach something.

Like you saw a need and you did your best to figure out how to fill it. You didn’t wait till you felt ready, you didn’t wait till you were making seven figures to say, I now am a coach that can help somebody. You were like, I figured this little thing out. Like hey, I’m gonna share it and if it helps people, cool. And then it luckily turned into a business that’s now thriving. You’ve had multiple things go viral on different on TikTok especially as like, you’re so, so big on TikTok. I love it in your podcast blown up. Like it’s, it’s like you get to do that. Like you created stuff that gave you those opportunities and I think you and I both started podcasting around the same time when we were, we couldn’t work anymore. And I think especially in our industries and the beauty industry like that we came from, you know, a lot of times people in our industry don’t give themselves opportunities to see what else is available with the skillsets that they have.

And so, you know, manifestation is one of those things I think that, you know, again, you get to create whatever you want if you can figure out what that is. , I think sometimes that’s hard for people to like actually even sit back and think like, geez, well what do I actually want? Like that’s a harder question than like how do I do it? It’s more like, well no one’s really ever asked me what do I really want? Like these are just the things I have to do or what I already have. Like I don’t even know what I want.

Yeah, And I think not having clarity on what you want scares people. It’s like fear of the unknown. Um, like the how does come up a lot, a lot, a lot. And we’ve been programmed to like always think about the how, but I think it’s also like we have unconscious guilt when it comes to asking for those things because, we’ll why would I ask for a new house if I already have a house, I’m already safe.

And you think that that’s your belief but it’s most likely your generations, right? Maybe it’s your parents who came migrated from a whole different country and like a lot of that stuff is being carried with us and we have no idea, we’re like completely unconscious of it. And when you’re conscious of it, one, it’s like, it feels so heavy and that’s why it feels heavy because it goes back so far. But when you release it again you think it’s just you wanting to get a different house, but it’s actually you giving someone else who’s 27 who has that same, you know, maybe she’s Hispanic, maybe same height, doesn’t have kids or you know, or a mother like you stepping into that is what’s giving people more permission to also go off to their desires too.

That is so true. So what are some key tips that we can share with the listeners around manifestation so they can go binge listen some more of your stuff, but in order to maybe manifestation is something that’s newer to them, they’ve heard the term, they’ve maybe listened to podcasts around it or read books on it, but they haven’t really figured out a way to implement it into their life.

Like what are some things that they can start doing right now that might be helpful for them?

Yeah. Ooh, yay, yay <laugh>. So yeah, the first thing is again, just consciousness of what you just said. Just even being aware because most people don’t even know how big that is, but me from the outside looking in and being like a vortex of people who are just now waking up, it’s like, oh wait, what do you mean my dots create my reality? Like you’re already such a step up if you are conscious of that. And I’m not here, I always tell people on social media, I’m not here to convince you that this is true. I’m just here to make you aware. Cuz once you make, once you’re aware again it’s like crossing a street and it makes life so much easier, so much more fun and you can be present in each and every part of your process.

You, especially when as an entrepreneur, um, and really enjoy it. So again, aware that your thoughts create your reality that anything that’s happening in your life right now with money, specifically challenges don’t have anything to do with your external world. They have everything to do with your internal world. So like if you don’t have enough money for rent, and then I know people think it’s a local crazy, but really, really getting super clear on what that story is, which is, if you break it down, I don’t have enough money for rent, I don’t have enough, I am not enough. That’s actually what it’s boiling down to. And if you can then go to when is the first time in my life from the ages, usually zero to seven years old is when we create all of our subconscious beliefs. When’s the first time that I believe that I didn’t have enough or who told me that this was true or what happened?

So in my scenario, my mom, she was, we were at McDonald’s late at night, it was like 9:00 PM like I always remember this, I was five years old and we were, I was looking at all of the Big Macs and all the venues and my mom said, Anita, you can’t get that cuz we don’t have enough. You have to get something from the dollar menu. So that’s where my story started is that everybody else can have these extravagant, beautiful things, but not me because I don’t have enough. And so then when you can get super calm, what that story is, the step three that I tell people is to just feel that. And it’s like you have to be the one to acknowledge it as if again, you’re looking at that younger self, that little Anita or tiny Jess <laugh>, it’s like, because otherwise it keeps chasing you in different parts of your life until you see it.

So when you can feel that and accept that and say, you know what, even if the worst case scenario happened, right? Because we’re so scared of something happening that we’re actually giving it energy. What if I did get kicked outta my house? What if I had to go back home with my parents? What if I lived on the streets? What if I didn’t ran out of food? What if I, you know, didn’t have enough? And so one year you’re able to look at that because that’s what your mind is doing is trying to keep you protected, but you’re also able to just find peace there. And once I manifested my house, like my dream apartment, I was always in the park with the homeless people and like security guard would come up to me and ask me, he was like, ma’am, are you okay <laugh>? And I felt like it gave me so much peace of what I was trying to like resist from happening because I was like, oh wait, I’m safe here too and I’m safe there and I’m safe here.

And then, and only then you can start thinking of all of the beautiful possibilities, all of the ways that things could happen in the most expansive way that you wouldn’t even imagine. And it just, it allows you to have that neutral mindset towards your manifestations, um, opposed to like needing that or maybe you get it and then you don’t feel worthy receiving it, you sabotage it or just like doesn’t really f like it doesn’t fill anything. You’re looking for it to fill a void and it doesn’t, and then when we get depressed we go down a debt rabbit hole. So those are the like four main things that I would recommend for everybody here.

Oh my gosh, you guys, and I’m sure no matter where you’re at in your journey and even if manifesting is something you, you do, you could go back through these different things in life and whether they apply to money or other things that you want, getting clear around where the stories come from is like the best, best thing that you can do in order to like make any, any, any, you know, real changes.

Like, because if you don’t change it or fix it and you continue to share that message with the next generation, we are not, we’re not breaking the cycles that were were cre you know, and our parents did the best they could was what they had. They didn’t know they’re these nice big fancy words like manifestation. I wasn’t talked about 20, 30, 40 years ago. You know, it was, you did what you freaking had to do to get by and that’s it, period point blank. And unfortunately, like they didn’t have the tools and resources we have now. So, you know, it can be a big beautiful world that you get to create and and change and if you don’t like where you’re at, like there’s people like Anita who have amazing podcasts that share all of this stuff for free on her podcast. So you can binge all of that, um, the manifesting, uh, money podcast and you know, get all of her good free resources that she has on her Instagram page too.

She talks about all of this. Um, but also, yeah, you know, if you are feeling called that this is the kind of work you wanna dive into and do, uh, she has those resources for you too. And I I couldn’t personally recommend her anymore. I’ve watched you do the work and seen the amazing testimonials from all of your clients that have gone through your courses and your programs and all of the things. So thank you for showing up in the way you are and doing what you do. Cuz I know even though it might be fun in your calling, it’s still, it’s a lot of way to carry sometimes to, to really help change this, um, across like generational things and um, you know, it’s, it’s, it makes everybody else that those people are around better for being around them because they now are the light that’s spreading the light up with more people.

So it’s, it’s really awesome and I’m so grateful for you.

Yeah, thank you. I receive every second of that, especially when people say thank you for stepping into it. It like touches my heart every time because I’m like, oh my gosh, I did do that <laugh>,

so, and you are doing it. And I love pe you know, it’s not that we need to stay humble by any means, like bragging about, you know, how you’re able to help people is you gotta do it in order for people to understand that that’s there’s a possibility that they could have what you have. Um, but it is, it’s work. It’s still a lot of work to carry this like wheat and it’s, it’s people that accept that challenge and know that they can make a difference and they step into that gift, you’re giving that gift to other people.

So, you know, again, I’m I I love, I love everything about you, you guys. She’s so relatable and she’s such a good like energy to be around always so positive and fun and makes the best reels in TikTok shit. So if you need any content, go check her. Oh and good. If you scroll more on her page, you’ll can find some really good makeup tutorials and tips and tricks on that too. <laugh>.

Yeah, I kind of missed doing makeup too, but

I know it’s so fun. I still, I still slang a little bit on the side too, so that’s been fun too. Now I just say I only work with people who are doing stuff like you’re doing, so it, I niche, niche down, which is really, really fun. So you can create anything, you’re right. Where do people find you if they do wanna hang out?

I know you’re on your, on Instagram and if I see money, uh, podcast and then, um, is TikTok got a separate name?

Uh, so TikTok is the same handle Manifesting Money podcast and then that’s the name of the podcast as well. It’s like on all the platforms, Spotify, apple, um, we do have some on YouTube, but we’re getting, we’re shifting to do more live. And other than that there is a free quiz that we, my team and I have created. I, I know, um, I can send this to you, but that quiz helps you identify if you have money blocks and if you do what they are. So we’ve been working on that and everybody filling it out and just, there’s some parts where you can put other, those things help so much cuz we’re kind of seeing what are the common trends that we see within people and it just helps us like bring at least awareness to all of the things that are coming up for people who are, um, unconscious of their money blocks. So that’s something we’ve been so excited about.

Awesome. Okay, so you guys go over, take the quiz, see where you, what you’ve got going on there. And then I know you have a three day workshop coming up too. Um, do you wanna share with the peeps about that?

Um, so I have a free workshop. Um, I don’t have anything as of this moment coming up right now we’re specifically working on merch, which I was just talking about saying today, which is money is energy. I want to everybody to be walking around believe in Money is Energy. But we have an event coming up in January here in New York. So that’s something that we’re where all of our energy’s going to right now.

Awesome. Okay, well tune in for more you guys. Check her out Manifesting Money podcast and um, stay tuned for all the deets on that cuz I mean, any excuse to go to New York, I’m like, hello. Let’s do it. Amazing. Thank you so much for your time on the show. You guys, if you’re interested in Fast Foundation is a mastermind to learn more, it’s fast where you can check out where our next round is starting and we look forward to meeting you guys. Have any questions, reach out to us on social, um, and shoot us a dm, a hi and we’ll see you on the next one.

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